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Movie Theaters vs. Movies at Home

So let’s go through a number of ways that you can annoy people while watching a movie:

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In conclusion, the comparison between watching movies on TV set and watching it at a movie theatre is that, at the theatre, the viewer needs to be aware of their environment. There is limited or no control of the movie for theatre attendees. On the contrary, while watching a movie at home, there is a lot of freedom to seat leisurely without being cautious of distracting anyone. It is possible to manipulate the view of movie without much restriction; TV viewer can pause the movie when attending to some other issues, such as answering a phone call, and resume it later. Despite of these two factors on where and what mean is used to view a movie, different viewers enjoy and get fun from either or both. However, most of the pros in watching a movie in a theatre have been and are still being replaced technologically by the development of HDTV.

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What's striking me in this discussion is its simulated religiosity. We could just as well be talking about going to mass. Acquarello's distinction between the arthouse and the multiplex is crucial. It's like the difference between a ritual service in a cathedral and a makeshift service in a mom n' pop evangelical church fashioned from some abandoned storefront. The difference between spirituality and religion. Which returns us to the concept of scale and what can be sifted from what is larger than ourselves in contrast from what can be culled by what is smaller than ourselves.

I also suspect there are temperamental differences when it comes to viewing film and that those who can appreciate a film's fragmentation in order to study and learn harbor innate editorial proclivities. Perhaps, because I am just old enough to remember, it is the childhood memory of paying for your ticket and walking into the screening at any time. If you missed the beginning, you could stick around to watch it after the ending. The finite experience of being ushered in and out of movie theaters at respective times was something that came later in my cinematic experience.

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A company is offering people the chance to watch films on the day of their release... in their own homes.

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This is the consumer's side of the issue. But what worries me more is the repercutions of these consumers habits at the production level. The industry will support whatever makes more money, and if everyone prefer homevideo we'll see more arthouses closing, more direct-to-video DV-made movies. The only demographic supporting massively films in theatres is the blockbuster crowd. The Film/TV choice for art films will soon be only available to a smaller audience and less frequently.
If cinephiles don't support financially the art circuit on film, who will?

In conclusion, from what I have discussed above, I think that watching movies at home are better than in theater.

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The thing that most theatre-vs-home viewing discussions (especially the more heavily pro-theatre ones) conveniently leave out is that the only reason movie theatres were ever around in the first place was because they were absolutely necessary if the film was to be seen by more than a couple of people. Big screens, I'm convinced, were merely a result of larger-capacity theatres, which themselves probably only came about from repeated warnings from the fire marshall regarding the maximum occupancy of a ten-by-ten room with only one exit.

Home theatres are nothing new, though. Feature films have been commercially available for home viewing for many decades. Every filthy rich bastard had a world-class viewing room in his mansion, and even the middle class could afford the crappier equivalents. Searching eBay for "Super8" will get you, among other things, reels upon reels of The Three Stooges and Mickey Mouse. But only recently (this past decade) has the home version become better quality than the original theatre version, both visually and aurally.

It is now, rather unfortunately I must admit, no longer necessary to shake my wallet empty and be herded into a dank, sticky pen to have the pleasure of sitting in gum and straining to hear dialogue over incessant corn-munching and whispered explanations of jokes; to find out just how long I can last before my bladder explodes from that fifteen-dollar, four gallon bucket of Small Diet Pepsi that I was happy to hear could be refilled for free. Damn you, technology!

It is odd that people are no longer flocking to worship the silver screen when the churches are more packed than ever. Oh. Nevermind.

Of course, the price of a decent home theatre, with the high-definition plasma widescreen and full surround sound, still keeps real home viewing limited to the filthy rich bastards.

In conclusion, from what I have discussed above, I think that watching movies at home is better than watching them in the theater.

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To begin with, many old movies don’t be played in theaters, only DVD stores can find them. For some people who like watching old movies, the DVD stores are the best choices. Take me as an example, I like watching old movies, especially the mimes which acted by Charles Chaplin, I very enjoy the sense of humor that these type of movies bring to me. But these kinds of movies don’t be played in theaters. Therefore, I always go to DVD stores to borrow movies then watching at home.