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Waking Life Philo Reflection essaysThe movie Waking Life is very though provoking, as it brings up many philosophical ideas and issues, most of them

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He is told by another character to simply wake up (Linklater 2001). This viewer believes that the idea of simply waking up applies to both dreams and to real life. As noted before, some people spend their lives in a stupor, never bothering to really live. If they wake up from their “sleep,” they are going to have to face life head on, and actually do something with it. Like the simple children’s game that started the movie, the idea of “Dream is Destiny” applies here as well. We do not have to live in a real dream, but our dreams can become our catalyst for change.

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Dreams can be had while we are awake. We can dream of what we really wish for, our destiny. The end of the movie is rather puzzling. The main character seems to awake, but when he attempts to enter his car, he misses the handle and floats away (Linklater 2001). Is he still dreaming, or has he finally reached his destiny? We will never know. However, perhaps we can learn from his actions. He refused to dream, and he disappeared. This could mean that a person who refuses to open his eyes and accept his life is destined to never make his mark on the world.

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Transcript for the wonderful movie Waking Life. That essay just came up Waking Life Essay in a discussion here. It's very thought-provoking. I'm not sure he ever truly got a grasp

Movie analysis and commentary on WAKING LIFE (2001), starring Wiley Wiggins, Ethan Hawke, and Julie Delpy; directed by Richard Linklater. Introduction page.

SYNOPSIS: “Waking Life” is an animated story a nameless young man, played by Wiley Wiggins, who finds himself trapped in a continuous series of

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The main protagonist’s silence is also used to depict the ignorance and apathy of many people which according to the film contributes to the increasing dehumanization and subjugation of the majority. The contrast between the main protagonist’s passive existence and the other characters is thus effective as an emotional appeal to the audience as they are able to emphatize with the dilemma of being trapped in a dream felt by the “waking.” His experiences also point to the general feeling of being without direction and finding no meaning in life that evokes feelings of loneliness and emptiness.
Now here's an intriguing thing. The final shot in

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The saying that "life is a dream" doesn't mean the physical universe is an illusion, but that spiritual reality, Ultimate Reality, is much more substantial, although it seems less so here in "Dreamland."The dream is that we are completely separate beings, mortal and detached from God, and in our inability to realize we are dreaming, we are unable to see that , and all things are in God. Our true nature is spirit and our true source is God, and until we find him we are lost in an unconscious, unreal state. God—Ultimate Reality—is far deeper, truer, and more "real" than our experiential reality—just as waking life is from dreams. So in our sleepwalking, we take the world we see to be the way things are, and, even though we "believe" in God as the Ultimate Reality, the dream of this world keeps us from .

Waking Life, by Richard Linklater, is an unusual movie that was released in 2001

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Most (i didnt really even know what to make of it. its the kid from that movie dazed and confused basically trying to find out the meaning of life and his identity and shit.. and hes like constantly in this dreamworld.. that he cant seem to wake up of.. he cant differentiate his dreams from reality. so one of the points is that there is no ...there is life and nothing else....each experience is an experience, nothing more or nothing less, each has the same value...the things you experience in your dreams are life itself... also...a lot of stress on wherever you are is the place to be...accept that every moment has the potential for greatness

br Walking In A Dream realism : A Reaction to Waking feelingWaking Life , by Richard Linklater , is an eccentric movie that was released in 2001 .

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14 Jun 2005 Waking Life Essay Waking Life Essay Waking Life is an animated movie with strong philosophical themes. It emphasizes the randomness of life, predetermination, creating one's own Waking Life Essay