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To keep the matter in perspective, let me repeat what I said atthe beginning of this essay: that in England the immediate enemiesof truthfulness, and hence of freedom of thought, are the presslords, the film magnates, and the bureaucrats, but that on a longview the weakening of the desire for liberty among theintellectuals themselves is the most serious symptom of all. It mayseem that all this time I have been talking about the effects ofcensorship, not on literature as a whole, but merely on onedepartment of political journalism. Granted that Soviet Russiaconstitutes a sort of forbidden area in the British press, grantedthat issues like Poland, the Spanish civil war, the Russo-Germanpact, and so forth, are debarred from serious discussion, and thatif you possess information that conflicts with the prevailingorthodoxy you are expected to either distort it or keep quiet aboutit–granted all this, why should literature in the wider sensebe affected? Is every writer a politician, and is every booknecessarily a work of straightforward "reportage"? Even under thetightest dictatorship, cannot the individual writer remain freeinside his own mind and distill or disguise his unorthodox ideas insuch a way that the authorities will be too stupid to recognizethem? And in any case, if the writer himself is in agreement withthe prevailing orthodoxy, why should it have a cramping effect onhim? Is not literature, or any of the arts, likeliest to flourishin societies in which there are no major conflicts of opinion andno sharp distinction between the artist and his audience? Does onehave to assume that every writer is a rebel, or even that a writeras such is an exceptional person?

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When you want to write a good twilight book review, you have to do this in two different parts. The number one part is to develop an argument about the book which your whole review will go ahead to prove and support with the facts gotten from the book. The second part is writing the draft. You have to remember that you are not writing an informal essay here. Book reviews are written for formal purposes, so you should come with a specific format just like every other . The review normally comes with an introduction of the book. Here, you have to give details about the book, how it was written, when it was written, and information about the author, the author’s point of view and many other relevant facts about the book. This is where you prepare the readers about what they will encounter inside the book. You must know that every argument or paper is influenced by the author’s milieu, so you have to present this so that people will know where the author is coming from. The introduction of the twilight book review should be followed by the main thesis where you will tell the stories that happened in the book in a very short and abridged formula and give your opinions and arguments about your perceptions of the book. You must realize that the book review is not just a summary of what happened in the twilight movie. No, it is a commentary on what you think, feel and understand from the book. Your book review must also have the proper citation and referencing if you must quote some parts of the book. For instance, if you are using the apa method, all the quotations in the review must be properly cited and referenced with the apa format. We also offer samples for those who will wish to learn more about the apa paper style.

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Whenever you are asked to do this review, the first thing you have to do is to read the book all through. Yes, you don’t do a book review according to the movie adaptation that you have seen or according to what you heard from friends. You must read the book thoroughly and map out the significant information while reading so as to give a very good review. This becomes more important if you are doing this as a classwork that will be graded. Other things you need to know about the twilight as a book before you seek an is that the book was the best-selling book in 2008, having been translated into more than 37 languages. The film adaptation of this book has also succeeded in breaking a lot of box office records. This young adult vampire novel have succeeded in dividing young girls into two groups namely, team Edward and team Jacob. This book that was written by Stephanie Meyer has some core points that make it so captivating. So, any good twilight book review will have to capture the fact that the book is full of intrigues, gruesome vampire, damage, suspense and romance, which makes teenagers go haywire. If you hire us to give you a review of the book, then you should expect something classic. We can offer the complete review and we can also teach you how to write the review. So, if you are told to review twilight, you should stop asking “ for me,” because we are here to help.

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Despite its clear popularity, the question remains: is Twilight great literature? You shouldn't be afraid to ask this question. In fact, you should ask the same about every book covered by Shmoop. When asked if her books have a message about love, Stephenie Meyer said, "I never write messages. I always write things that entertain me" (). So is Twilight simply entertainment, or is it great literature?


About a year ago I and a number of others were engaged inbroadcasting literary programmes to India, and among other thingswe broadcast a good deal of verse by contemporary andnear-contemporary English writers–for example, Eliot, HerbertRead, Auden, Spender, Dylan Thomas, Henry Treece, Alex Comfort,Robert Bridges, Edmund Blunden, D.H. Lawrence. Whenever it waspossible we had poems broadcast by the people who wrote them. Justwhy these particular programmes (a small and remote out-flankingmovement in the radio war) were instituted there is no need toexplain here, but I should add that the fact that we werebroadcasting to an Indian audience dictated our technique to someextent. The essential point was that our literary broadcasts wereaimed at the Indian university students, a small and hostileaudience, unapproachable by anything that could be described asBritish propaganda. It was known in advance that we could not hopefor more than a few thousand listeners at the most, and this gaveus an excuse to be more "highbrow" than is generally possible onthe air.

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