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The character of Prince Paris was made more likeable in the movie. The scene where he fights Melelaus for Helen shows in both the Iliad and in Troy that Paris does not fight to the death. Although the Iliad tells us that Aphrodite rescues him and in the movie, he just backs away. The point is that in the movie, we see Helen glad that Paris…

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"Troy" is based on the epic poem by Homer, according to the credits. Homer's estate should sue. The movie sidesteps the existence of the Greek gods, turns its heroes into action movie cliches and demonstrates that we're getting tired of computer-generated armies. Better a couple of hundred sweaty warriors than two masses of 50,000 men marching toward one another across a sea of special effects.

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Another difference between the Iliad and Troy is the history between Achilles and King Agamemnon. The viewer is made aware that Achilles does not want to fight the Trojans for Agamemnon. He feels that Agamemnon wants to fight this war for greed and not honor. In the Iliad, there is more to Achilles reluctance to fight for the greedy King. Agamemnon has stolen Briseis from Achilles and because of this, Achilles shows nothing but contempt for the King. The movie does not introduce Briseis until later in the story when she is taken as a prisoner by the Spartans and given to Achilles for his enjoyment. The viewer soon realizes that Achilles does not want to use Briseis and that he is falling in love with her. She is a strong woman quite capable of protecting herself. We see later in the movie when Briseis kills Agamemnon (who, by the way, does not die in the Iliad).

I thought that the story of Helen was as the Hollywood Troy (Brad Pitt’s Troy), But I realized that that story is wrong.

Troy Movie Review The movie Troy was a great movie, but inside of it contained a-lot of lies, that maybe average audience wouldn’t notice

Troy McClure is a character in The Simpsons McClure was based on B movie actors Troy Donahue and Doug McClure as making his final appearance in the tenth.

With its beautiful actors, breathtaking scenery and costumes, the movie Troy is a movie for Hollywood that is sure to be a box office hit

The movie Troy as well as the Another user responds to the initial post about armor making an argument for entertainment Troy (2004) Wiki is a Fandom.

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Without the hand of , Paris should have died, killed at the hand of Menelaus -- or, in an alternate reality of the Troy movie, fled for safety to his brother. In this alternate Hollywood-reality, it makes some sense that Hector would kill Menelaus to save his brother's life, although the code of honor that the warriors followed -- in ancient times as in the Troy movie -- makes this action questionable. Perhaps it was only because of the intervention of the gods that the ​ lasted 10 years in the original, rather than the 2 weeks of Wolfgang Petersen's godless rendition. You'll have to get over the time problem, the presence of , and the killing by Hector of Menelaus and Ajax, in order to enjoy the Troy movie.
I realy like this story its very good but at the same time i watch the movie of Helen of Troy i love it hope every one els will

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What the movie doesn't explain is why Helen would leave with Paris after an acquaintanceship of a few nights. Is it because her loins throb with passion for a hero? No, because she tells him: "I don't want a hero. I want a man I can grow old with." Not in Greek myth, you don't. If you believe Helen of Troy could actually tell Paris anything remotely like that, you will probably also agree that the second night he slipped into her boudoir, she told him, "Last night was a mistake."

There are lot of differences between the book Iliad and the movie Helen of Troy after viewing the movie.

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Free troy papers, Did Troy Exist Essay essays, and research papers. Did the movie Troy, released in 2004, accurately depict the story of Homer's epic poems the Iliad in the drama Fences written by August Wilson, had to live with for the rest of his existence.

Movie Review of Helen of Troy essays History has different ways of being past on from each era of time whether it's through oration or written records

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In Warner Bros.' Troy movie, certain decisions were made that had dramatic and, depending on how you look at the Troy movie, devastating consequences. Chief among these was the elimination of the involvement of the gods and goddesses in the lives of men at Troy. Without the hand of Apollo to guide the arm of Paris, Achilles should have survived and might well have lived long enough to be inside the Trojan Horse.