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Titanic is a terrible movie! Awesome choice!

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What about titanic II? That was a great movie!!!

This was great Plinkett. It’s good to see another review where you point out a lot of positive stuff, the haters were painting you as a negative nancy. The main point is you’re giving fair reviews, there just happen to be a plethora of shite movies. The terrible jokes were spot on and I wasn’t even expecting the tie-in to the Plinkett backstory, always figured the ‘being on the titanic’ thing was just a one-off comment.

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Is Titanic a movie that will last the ages to be remember like The Godfather, Citizen Kane or pop culture classics like Star Wars, King Kong (30s version) or will it slowly fade over time as fewer and fewer people watch it?

That was some fine foreshadowing with the Titanic popcorn tub in an earlier movie.

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I find it so amazing that even after all these years, we are STILL talkingabout this movie! Obviously this movie wasn't THAT bad or else peoplewouldn't even BOTHER to talk about it. I personally enjoyed this filmimmensly, and still do! I guess this film isn't for everyone, but itcertainly did touch the hearts of many.

As for those that think that this film is "overrated" or"over-hyped"...well, we only have the movie-going public to thank for that!lol* You see, it's not CRITICS/article writers that make a film "HUGE" or a"HIT" with the general movie-going public. PEOPLE make the film a hugesuccess. With Titanic, everyone was in awe. Let's face it, a film likethis had never been made before. At least not with the type of specialeffects needed to really capture the essence of the ship actually sinking. This film is so accurate that even James Cameron timed the actual sinking ofthe ship in the film with the REAL sinking that fateful day in April 1912. Even the silverware for goodness sakes matched!

Give this movie a break you guys! The critics thought this movie would sinkBIG time! When this movie actually came out and people started hearing byWORD OF MOUTH (which is the BEST form of advertisement mind you) that thiswas a good/decent/movie worth seeing, then everyone started flocking to thetheaters in droves to see this movie...not once, not twice, but maybe 3times and more! So, I really wouldn't say that this movie was"overhyped"...at least not like the buildup for the MATRIX reloaded or theHULK is being "overhyped". ha! Critics didn't even think that Titanicwould make enough money to cover Cameron's gigantic film budget that it tookto make this mammoth of a film. However, the films money took care of that200 million budget and MUCH more!

Personally, I LOVE this film. However, this film might not be for everyone. DOn't say that this film sucks just because of romance though! THat is themost sexist thing I've ever heard! Disliking a movie just because it hasromance in it! The story was sweet. The dialogue could have been better,but let's face it...the REAL star of the movie wasn't Leo or Kate...it wasthat GIGANTIC Ship! I think all of the actors including DiCaprio andWinslet did a fine job. It's not thier best work (I've seen much BETTERwork from both of them) but it wasn't the WORST I've seen on screen before. Give them a break!

Amazing movie? Titanic isn’t Citizen Kane. Oh can Plinkett please review Citizen Kane.

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It’s not hypocritical. Not every movie can be judged by the exact same criteria. Star Wars was a space fantasy. Titanic was based on an historical event and grounded in reality. One would expect some more character depth from such a film.

You mention that the Titanic story basically writes itself, which seems to ignore that most movies made about the tragedy are duds.

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If you want to give an honest, intellectual review of why people do or don’t like James Cameron’s version of Titanic you will need to consider not only the silly script, but also what good writing actually consists of. For God’s sake, please read a Dickensian classic or Tolstoy novel before deciding that a movie should be on par with what only good writing can provide.

Intimate Relationship Institution Author 1997 block buster movie Titanic is a romantic epic, Intimate Relationships Term Paper. Attraction and.

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Firstly and foremostly, I am a guy, which (in most cases) means I did not go see Titanic to see DiCaprio...although I think he can be a great actor. Reading through earlier comments, i grew a bit weary of hearing about lame script and shallow characters. I went to see a ship sink...the plot and the characters were, at least to me, a kind of icing on the Cake. I actually think a lot of the characters were done well; that is, by the time they die in freezing water, you actually felt a tinge of sadness for them. But , by the time Titanic was over, I was sufficiently moved to make me tell people that it was a great movie. Kate Winslet was good, Kathy Bates was perfect, Leo was ok (I'll give you people that - I've seen him shine like I know he can ... Basketball Diaries, Romeo & Juliet). But ultimately, the Titanic sinks...and it was absolutely stunning. Bravo to Cameron. He didn't just show us a large ship sinking, he showed us the back half of it crashing down on a hundred freezing, drowning people; he showed us a third class mother attempting to sing her children to sleep because she knew they were all doomed (broke my heart - i cried the most right there at that point), he showed people who worked extremely hard to get OUT of the bowels of the ship only to be sucked back in when a random window shattered and the water carried them on back in...detail. I like detail in a movie. Very impressive job.