How to Write an Essay About a Movie: “Titanic”

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I need an essay about Titanic Movie. Some interesting facts or shootings location

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It is my suggestion in this essay that it is possible that James Cameron paid homage to Stanley Kubrick’s The Shining (and of course, in some cases, the book by Stephen King on which the film is based) through specific scenes and script details in Titanic. It is worth mentioning that many of the similarities I mention here could very well be pure coicidence. Mr. Cameron himself may read this and say “Hey, I didn’t notice that!”, but nonetheless, the similarities, even if completely coincidental, are there, and I thought were abundant enough to compile for the reader’s own consideration.

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In this short essay, I chose to write about the Titanic Movie. The movie's theme is about a love affair between two young adults from different social classes. The love affair was unacceptable by the lady's family because the suitor was from a lower social class and the family had selected a perfect suitor of a higher social class (James and Cameron 5).

I need an essay about Titanic Movie. Some interesting facts or shootings location
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How to Write an Essay About a Movie: “Titanic” - …

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