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And 12 Monkeys falls apart after multiple viewings? Are you retarded? And wait, you said Elephant Man is more representative of Lynch’s work than Eraserhead? A studio commission that is the LEAST like everything else he ever did? You really need to watch some movies before trying to analyse or criticize a director’s work, especially one of the magnitude of Lynch or Gilliam.

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• PLUS: A booklet featuring an essay by film critic Michael Sragow and archival photographs

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The film was released less than six months after , where the director made comments to police after being stopped on suspicion of ; the incident garnered Gibson much negative publicity and magnified concerns some had over alleged antisemitism in his previous film, . Several key film critics alluded to the incident in their reviews of : In his positive review, commented: "say what you will about him – about his problem with booze or his problem with Jews – he is a serious filmmaker." The review came to a similar conclusion, noting that "Gibson may be a lunatic, but he's our lunatic, and while I wouldn't wish him behind the wheel of a car after happy hour or at a function anytime, behind a camera is another matter." In a negative review, noted "People are curious about this movie because of what might be called extra-textual reasons, because its director is an erratic and charismatic Hollywood figure who would have totally marginalized himself by now if he didn't possess a crude gift for crafting violent pop entertainment."

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In 1994, The Wachowskis presented the script for the film to . After , the president of production of the company at the time, read the script, he decided to buy rights to it and included two more pictures, and , in the contract. The first movie The Wachowskis directed, , then became a critical success. Using this momentum, the siblings later asked to direct .

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even some of the most successful ones being one of them. It was one of the most unique movies in cinema history because it was one of the most hated/beloved movies ever made. What’s so special about is that although the movie critics panned saying it was one of the worst movies...Other scholars of Mesoamerican history criticized the film for what they said were numerous inaccuracies. See further coverage on the film's questionable historical accuracy and representation of the Maya below under "". Numerous scholars have also risen to defend the film citing ignorance or political correctness as the primary motivator for the criticisms. A recent essay by Hansen on the film and a critical commentary on the criticisms of the film is now published.
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. Searching for film critiques on the internet often show what films are interpreting, but at the same time we all have our own opinions and may interpret a film differently than others. That being said we should all critique a film ourselves rather than go off what other people have to say about a movie. This class really hasn’t change my understanding of the effects a film can have on society because my views have remained the same. All films have a different effect on society whether they are good or bad. For example although the story of Titanic is horrific I think it had a positive effect on society because it gave the audience a reality check of how times used to be and also just how quickly life can be taken from you. The skills that I have developed from this course are that sometimes you need to look beyond the big picture and analyze the smaller details that make the whole picture. I think those skills can be used in any profession and that they will cause a positive effect on anyone.

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the overall quality of a . “ analysis…allows us to reach valid conclusions on a movie’s meaning and value; it helps us to capture the experience of a in our minds; and it sharpens our critical judgments overall” (Boggs & Petrie, 2008, p. 8). The true purpose of analysis, however, is...