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Both parodies and homages to are prominent in UK and U.S. popular culture, particularly in films, TV shows, video games and music. Images and scenes frequently referenced are: the Grady girls in the hallway, the word "Redrum", the blood spilling out of the elevator doors and Jack sticking his head through the hole in the bathroom door, saying, "Here's Johnny." The tricycle scene in which Danny sees the Grady girls and the "here's Johnny" scene are seen on a drive-in theatre screen in the movie just before a tornado rips the screen down.

Title: The Sound of Music (1965)

For generations of American children, The Sound of Music was one of our favorite things.

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To construct an effective film score there are no real rules but rather a patterned set of guidelines that have become tradition over time. Certain types of musical themes have been used time and time again to create the style, mood or feeling of the film. For example, the type of music that would be used in a Western, or a Suspense-Drama or a Love Story varies very little from picture to picture. A theme found in a Love Story will not always be the same as the one before it, however, it will have the same style or feeling to it that creates the emotion of love in our minds. These ideas are often modified because of the intensity or seriousness of the film, however, they are essentially similar. The key to a memorable score is the creation of an effective main theme with equally effective sub themes. This main theme should be the connecting link between scenes but should not be over used as not to saturate the audience with it"s melody so they become bored and annoyed with it. The introduction of the main theme followed by lesser sub theme that are juxtaposed and varied enough to teas the audience until it reaches a climactic final statement of the theme in it"s entirety. The use of leitmotifs to represent characters and the intertwining of one character"s theme with another is instrumental in telling the story of the film and giving a full portrait of the character and their relationship with others. It is also important to realize that different instruments and different colours of music are used to create a certain feeling. There are certain sounds that we are used to hearing that are effective in adding to the mood or feeling of the film. Nothing in the creation of a film score is arbitrary all of the music that we hear has been composed specifically to accentuate or punctuate what the main idea that the writing, acting and directing of the film is trying to show to us.

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The sound of music was by far the greatest musical success for the team of Rodgers and Hammerstein. I chose this musical because of the lyrical and musical talent of these two men. I have enjoyed watching this classic numerous time throughout the years due to my mother’s influence. She exposed my brother and I to many different types of music, teaching us to appreciate the style of each artist.

How do the characters in The Sound of Music demonstrate , , and ? Why are these important ?
By the following year, a reported 22,000 U.S. moviehouse musicians had lost their jobs.

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Oneof this movie's pleasures is that it's really about something. Of course it'sabout romance, as most musicals are, but it's also about the film industry in aperiod of dangerous transition. The movie simplifies the changeover fromsilents to talkies, but doesn't falsify it. Yes, cameras were housed in soundproofbooths, and microphones were hidden almost in plain view. And, yes, previewaudiences did laugh when they first heard the voices of some famous stars;
Garbo Talks!” the ads promised, but her co-star, John Gilbert, would have beenbetter off keeping his mouth shut. The movie opens and closes at sneakpreviews, has sequences on sound stages and in dubbing studios, and kids theway the studios manufactured romances between their stars.

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You can hear on the names of the characters and some songs that the movie/musical Is German and was also played in germany with german actors, although the original language of the movie is English. I really like the story and what its about. I love the songs that they sing and it is actually is a pretty exiting story, although some parts are kind of annoying (some songs). It looks old and it is old ( its from the 1960’s), but its a nice story.

The Cairo electronic music producer and sound artist has won a commission to produce a work based on the concept of turmoil

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