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Shutter Island, both in novel and in motion picture, is basically a complex story and also very interesting. But of course there was extra information left out of the movie, like when Teddy/Andrew became seasick for the first time. It also left out that Dr. Lester Sheehan, Andrew’s primary psychiatrist who pretended to be Chuck Aule, and Emily, the nurse who pretended to be Rachel Solando, ended up developing a relationship and getting married. Finally, the movie left out one dreamed, changed up another one, and left out part of the last one.

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He then finds that she went crazy and drowned their kids in the lake. In a moment of grief, he shoots her, killing her. In the movie, most of this dream is left out and the only part they show is when Andrew came home, after catching a fugitive, and finds that Dolores drowned their kids. Same as the novel, Andrew kills Dolores in a moment of grief. Overall, both the novel version and movie version of Shutter Island, contain the same storyline, but interesting information is left out in the movie, like the journal of Dr. Lester Sheehan, Teddy’s first fishing trip with his dad, and the changes made with Teddy’s dreams.

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Through and through, whether you are watching the movie or reading the book, most of this story is seen through the perspective of Teddy Daniels, It is not until the end that the reader/viewer realizes that Teddy Daniels does not even exist and that he really is Andrew Laeddis. Andrew basically created this fantasy world because he blamed himself for the deaths of his wife and children. So he created a world where he was Teddy Daniels, who was more of a heroic figure. He created Rachel Solando and the missing patient investigation with her, to create an explanation for him why he was on that island.

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The part that intrigues me most is when Teddy returns to the hospital after being dropped off by the warden in his jeep, on seeing the doctor he enquires about his partner and is told ' you never had a partner' . Why does the doctor say this? If you painstakingly set up an elaborate role play, with the partner as a fairly integral part, why then pretend he doesn't exist? Surely that would arouse unnecessary suspicion and would contribute to his paranoia, if he was indeed delusional in the first place? Fairly counter productive if you are trying to cure him ! My thoughts are that during his time on the island he is mind washed by the false memories and drugs, and this scene is actually an important point in that it is the first real attempt by them to get him to accept his 'reality' as a patient. Great movie though, loved it ! ps. one more thought that just occurred to me.. the significance of the german doctor. It is well known that quite a few nazi and japanese scientists were granted clemency by the USA in return for the knowledge they gained whilst conducting nasty experiments on people.. this character adds credence to the plot that its a government facility centred around mind control.

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She does not say anything to Andrew, so in just watching the movie, you never learn her name, or the fact that she and Dr. Lester Sheehan, Andrew’s primary psychiatrist, developed a relationship and got married. In addition, the second major scene in the book was also left out of the movie. Both the book and the movie address that Teddy (Andrew) is seasick. But the scene left out of the movie was Teddy fishing with his father when he was a boy in 1928. This is in fact when Teddy sees Shutter Island for the first time, before Ashcliff Hospital was built.