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So today — Sunday — is the anniversary of the final day of the siege. Which — you’ll remember from either your history classes or your John Wayne movies — didn’t end well for the Texans. Independence was not won at the Alamo. Rather, that came more than six weeks later at San Jacinto.

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Forget that "The Alamo" is a topnotch, if not entirely historically accurate historical western. Forget that Wayne directs action better than his mentor, John Ford, or that Chill Wills got an Oscar nomination, the only of his career, thanks to this "lousy director/actor". Remember this, Wayne risked EVERYTHING on "The Alamo" and lost. He was broke for years afterward. Wayne's continued success on the "A" list was by no means assured. He was 54 years old and raising a second family. Wayne had recently been swindled by a business manager and recently lost a best friend to suicide (Grant Withers). Wayne had to take a role in "The Alamo" to secure financing, and "The Alamo" is probably STILL the biggest movie ever directed by one of its stars. During filming, Wayne had to contend with interference from mentor John Ford and a murder investigation of one of his actresses. That same year Wayne's house was severely damaged by fire. Yet Wayne took continued carping by lessor men, those "artists" in Hollywood who ridiculed his acting and his directing. I'm sure they sneered in satisfaction when "The Alamo" failed to break even. However, it's reported the movie eventually made a small profit, probably part of it through sale of "Alamo Village" in Bracketville, Texas.

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I'd never seen the full-length version of "The Alamo" until it was released on VHS in the early 90s. I realized then the greatest scene in the movie is "The Birthday Party," which was cut from the general release version of the film. NOTE: For those that don't remember, during the 50s and 60s, Hollywood would release long, big budget movies as reserved seat attractions. The film would show at a "roadshow" theater for several months before general release. Since "roadshow" theaters showed the movies only twice a day, running time was restricted pretty much to the patience of audiences. However, when the same film was shown general release, time restrictions became important, so films were cut to maximize theater owner profits. It still happens today, except now the "director's cut" reaches the home audience via DVD. In any event, the short version of "The Alamo," while impressive, is still a pale shadow of the Wayne's original cut. Most importantly, to see "The Alamo" is to understand John Wayne as a man, not an idol or actor. Wayne generously gave virtually all the big scenes to his costars. Certainly, Lawrence Harvey, Richard Widmark, Ken Curtis, Joan O'Brian and Richard Boone get better scenes. Also certainly, Chill Wills, Jester Hairston (Jethro) Hank Worden (Parson) and Veda Ann Borg (Blind Nell Robertson) have showier ones than Wayne. The scenes between Wayne and Linda Crystal in the first hour seem out of a different movie, though neither Wayne's nor Cristals are as big or showy as the ones I've mentioned. One thing I hope to suffer again was the "reunion" video attached to the VHS. The same old garbage about Wayne not being able to direct actors (by his SON, no less), that he really wasn't a very good director (Wayne's action scenes will match or beat anybody's in Hollywood). Especially rude was Richard Widmark's idea of impressing Wayne by insisting Wayne call him "Richard" and not "Dick" during their first meeting. Widmark came across as a pompous ass. However, the rudest cut was from Ken "Festis" Curtis. Curtis never had a better, more respectful part in ANY movie, but he didn't miss an opportunity to try to soil Wayne's memory.

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Along with its astounding menu, the Alamo is unique for its strict movie-going etiquette. In every Alamo, you are warned numerous times that talking/texting/actively distracting your neighbor will get you one warning, and that if you continue, you will be ejected without discussion or refund. The Alamo is an 18+ theater; children under six are not allowed (expect for certain rare kids’ showings), and anyone under eighteen must be accompanied by an adult at all times.

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·No free parking for customers nor is there significant street parking in the vicinity. ·Alamo is somewhat tied despairingly to Hollywood for this programming and is occasionally forced to play movies that do not appeal to its demographic as much as Tim and Carrie would like. ·On a typical Friday night, much more staffs are required to operate a standard theater than others, which increases cost. ·Alamo’s purchase decision criterion is not suitable for multiple movie theater market because such theaters have three screens and Alamo need to purchase more. To conclude, Alamo Drafthouse has enough supporting facilities to attract clients more than shortages.Recommendation to increase profitability:

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With 27 beers on tap, cocktails, milkshakes, chicken liver mousse, pancetta mac-and-cheese, whole roasted cauliflower, and a breakfast burger, that overall package is quite elaborate. (Doesn't the idea of cauliflower in a movie theater sound absurd and very-S.F. at the same time?). What separates Alamo from the competition are its servers, who move about the theater like black-clad stagehands swapping props between acts of a play. There's a menu under every table, so patrons simply write whatever they want on a piece of paper and place it standing up, and voila.