The viewer is brought in and awed by the special effects.

Koi Mil Gaya is a story based on Aliens, Starring Rakesh Roshan, Rekha, Hrithik roshan and Priety Zinta, movie has some great special effects of space ships and alien activities, the Film was inspired from the 1982 Hollywood hit E.T the Extraterrestrial. Koi Mil Gaya was the most successful movie of 2003.

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GHOSTBUSTERS 8 small film reels with special effects footage

interconnected with the concept of still photography, but is an integral part of motion pictures. Within this context, Russell Carpenter’s role as the cinematographer of the film Titanic is important. For instance, his attitude towards cinematography, especially his tireless effort to attain perfection contributed to the success of the film. In the film, Carpenter’s co-operation with art department and visual effects department deeply influenced his role in the film as a cinematographer. During the…

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werewolf program used it to show the unfortunateboy transforming into a raging beast. At each cut interval the special effects"crew" (usually the producer and a make-up specialist) would add a little bitmore hair to the actor's face. When finished, the illusion of growing hair wasachieved, although it was choppy. The reason for the choppy result is that whenusing stop-motion the actor and camera must be kept as still as possible. Ifnot, when recording resumes the actor is not in the same…

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Special Effects in the Movie Lord of the Rings: Return of the King

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Andre Greig writes:

Do you think we've reached the peak of special effects in film? with movies like planet of the apes, gravity and interstellar looking so realistic, do you think special effects has room to grow or have we reached the limit of what effects can do?

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Mr. Rambaldi was a traditionalist who disliked the advent of computerized special effects.

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Exploring the method behind this magic, Special Effects follows theinnovative effects wizardry that goes into blockbuster movies including the ,and .

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Perhaps because of his hermetic production style and the fact that he produced half of his films outside of Hollywood (living in London since 1960), reducing his day-to-day kinship with other more traditional, but still influential Hollywood effects artists, none of Harryhausen's films were nominated for a special effects Oscar. Harryhausen himself says the reason was that he worked in Europe, but this oversight by the AMPAS visual-effects committee also occurred throughout the 1950s when Harryhausen lived in Los Angeles.

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