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That brings us down to the sounds in the movie. Dialogue was present in this movie when the third sister, Bird (Nia Long), is a young beautician whose former boyfriend wants to lure her away from her new husband (Mekhi Phifer). Sound effect begins at the jubilant wedding party for this couple, where a vixen that the heroines call ”that hootchy-cootchy mama” shows up to do a wild dance with the groom. The music is presented by Kenneth (Babyface) Edmonds as its executive producer and resident songwriter, grooves along to a score full of gentle harmonies, with Boyz II Men and En Vogue among those featured on the soundtrack. The music has the same pleasant effect as the dinner. It appears at the party and while Big Mama is in the hospital. I want to share some of the movie style and the directing of the movie. As directed slowly but solidly by George Tillman Jr., who wrote the film while drawing on his own experience of a large and close-knit family, ”Soul Food” plays broadly to the audience without entirely losing touch with reality. I feel the director point of view is very evident, because the acting is more believable, the storyline is more true-to-life, and the characters are more sympathetic. The director is telling us a memorable story that deeply resonated in the hearts and minds of moviegoers, touching on the themes of family bonds and traditions.

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Now I will take you to the societal impact that Soul Food has had on my life. I really can’t say that it makes me feel like I am escaping my daily life. The movie has taught me that no matter what your family is facing you can make it. The movie did have scene that was cut out from the original. Example is when they were dancing at the party. The only controversial in the movie that I can think of is stereotyping all black people to eating soul food. Soul food is a way and a style of cooking that every culture can enjoy. The genre that this film fits is comedy and drama. This movie was full of drama especially when all the sisters get together for dinner. It goes from drama to comedy when they are dancing and laughing together.

Extra Credit 1 Soul Food was a movie that my family loved to watch

I will continue to look at the storytelling side of the movie. The main character that experienced an internal conflict was Mother Joe. The conflict was that she was really sick and she had a very hard time telling her kids. This movie have many symbols while watching “Soul Food,” I reflected that in many ways it depicts a world which white audiences will find unfamiliar. Oh, Big Mama’s family shares the same kinds of values, problems, worries, successes and failures as whites. But movies and TV often focus only on a narrow wedge of black America, showing pimps and junkies, outlaw teenagers and con men, but ignoring the vast and substantial African-American middle and working classes.

It in several ways reminded me of my own family
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