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Lucas: Almost everything is improvised, though obviously I often set up the initial terms of that improvisation. For me, being in control of the details doesn’t seem to me to make very good pictures. I am reading Philip Guston’s collected writings and he quotes Paul Valery as saying that bad poetry “vanishes into meaning”. I think some analogue of this is true in photography. To be a bit more specific, when I am working I let the momentum carry my decision making. I set objects on the table but the pictures get made trying to figure out how to look at these things rather than composing them. Shooting in the studio is not so different for me from shooting something outside.

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When Writing a Paper are Movies Underlined in Print

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Lucas: I hope so, and this “becoming document” is really close to my own thinking about making photographs. One of the things I have thought a lot about in the last few years is what we as viewers bring to looking at photographs now – how Photoshop, digital, the internet, etc. have altered the terms of that looking.

in scholarly essays movie titles should be italicized.

To respond to another part of what you said, there is definitely a through line from how I begin a picture (with the camera) to the way that the digital file is handled. When I first started making pictures that had been fucked with it took me a long time to understand what constituted their limits. The computer is such a powerful tool and in the beginning it felt like there were too many possibilities to make these interventions feel specific or necessary. I found a way forward in Cezanne, Courbet, and Manet and also in Brecht’s writings on theater. This opened to thinking about bringing the offstage of photographic production onstage by parroted procedural corrections gone awry. I was interested in the way that I could make these technologies – designed to have a high degree of transparency (the studio, the camera, and Photoshop) – more opaque. An awareness of the computer’s invisible hand in its “grooming” capacity had already become part of what it meant to look at photographs, and using these tools in a more forward, evident way felt available. All of this was buttressed by seeing work by other young photographers, particularly Florian Maier-Aichen who was using the computer in really inventive ways.

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MG: I definitely think that using the term feminism is not accurate in this context, since it is always misinterpreted. It is essential today to distinguish a female artist from a feminist artist. In the 1920s and 1930s, the concept of feminism, as we know it in the later decades of the twentieth century, had not yet been invented. For me, feminism, as a Western construction coming from the political struggles from the 1960s, is mainly a political term. It is our contemporary reception of the work of these women from the1920s and 1930s that could give us the possibility of analyzing some of their work from feminist perspectives, as Roxana suggested looking at some performative works of Cahun, Henri, and others. I agree with what Abigail Solomon-Godeau once said: “any work of culture is susceptible to feminist reading and feminist analysis.” As curators and art historians, we are adding to the artists’ work many different layers of meaning. Audiences are doing exactly the same, too. What is for me essential, is that everybody should consider themselves feminist, but still today the exhibition programs of the biggest museums in the world include only between 10 percent and 20 percent of works by female artists.

In an essay, should the title of the movie be italicized, underlined, or in quotation marks

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Learn when it is appropriate to use italics in humanities essays and scientific papers. Which Titles Are Italicized and Which Are Enclosed in 04.01.2001 in quotation marks, italicized or titles of movies and television shows should titles of essays. Do you italicize the quotes in an essay?. According to the William Mitchell Law Review when citing a case in a sentence it should be italicized.

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