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Rebecca, I am a man, and in my life, especially in some of my relationships, I have been guilty of what you speak of here, and you’re right, it is shameful. I had to “feel the shame” in order to fully understand how to keep watch over myself in order to not act like such an ass in the future. I am still ashamed of those times. Remember that movie Magnolia where the old man on his death bed is talking about regret, and how you can never regret too much when you have a lot of regretting to do? I feel the same way about being ashamed. It is honorable to be ashamed of shameful actions. So yes! that is the solution to the issues of which you speak. You nailed it! This was a beautifully written essay. Thank you.

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Wow, can I say this was the biggest surprise I ever managed to get to see. Now I haven’t been able to see a lot of indie movies (with Shame and this being my only ones I saw all the way through). But Boyhood, goddamn what a fantastic movie! Not only was this a fantastic dramedy, but this was also a very good outlook on life, and what it can be like throughout each stages of your life. In a way, this was what The Descendants should’ve been. Now, I’am going to do this a little differently and write an essay for a review, due to how many chapters the movie goes through, from young boy, to 20 year old in college. Also, its a good way to do indie films, and it’ll be easy to write too. Without further ado, let’s start from Boyhood (wow, such a bad pun).

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