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Blackwell also found himself infuriated by the naysaying at his own record label. Bob Marley and the Wailers' Island debut, Catch a Fire, was co-produced by Blackwell, who persuaded Marley to allow Muscle Shoals guitarist Wayne Perkins to play on some tracks. After the album's release, Blackwell was dismayed when he checked in with one of his executives and discovered it had sold only 6,000 copies. That's good for a reggae record, the exec insisted. "And I remember being so disappointed and pissed off that he was just thinking of it as a reggae record," Blackwell recalls.

Roger Ebert on James Ivory's "Howards End".

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Bono asked Blanche Blackwell what she meant.

At the press day, the three co-stars made it obvious just how tight-knit the cast had gotten while making the film, as they shared stories about training together, the practical jokes they played on each other, what it’s like to interact with fans, and what they learned from this experience. Check out what they had to say after the jump:

A great documentary about a profound and mysterious artist.

and syrups, which are used to produce nearly 400 beverage brands that make up for our wide portfolio. Our corporate headquarters are established in Atlanta, and we are holding local operations in over 200 countries around the world. Our activities cover all sectors of the beverage industry.

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The message of Bethlehem is one of triumph and victory. God Incarnate comes above thy deep and dreamless sleep as the silent stars go by. The Everlasting Light visits the darkness and opens the eyes of the blind to see Him in all of His radiant glory. Those who believe on Him have everlasting life.

it is based on the book not the movie

The death match at the 2010 Oscars, which pitted Kathryn Bigelow's against James Cameron's was as intense and gripping as itself — especially when you factor in that the two directors had once been married. As the competition came to a close, fended off a — most saliently, that veterans of the Iraq war didn't like the portrayal of Jeremy Renner's character, the reckless bomb defuser — to win. Bigelow won too, making her the first and only woman so far to win the Best Director Oscar.

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The other Oscars it won: Cameron (Best Director); Russell Carpenter (Best Cinematography); Peter Lamont and Michael Ford (Best Art Direction); Deborah L. Scott (Best Costume Design); Conrad Buff, Cameron, and Richard A. Harris (Best Film Editing); James Horner (Best Original Score — Dramatic); Horner and Will Jennings (Best Original Song); Gary Rydstrom, Tom Johnson, Gary Summers, Mark Ulano (Best Sound); Tom Bellfort and Christopher Boyes (Best Sound Effects Editing); Robert Legato, Mark Lasoff, Thomas L. Fisher, and Michael Kanfer (Best Visual Effects)
A collection of memories about Hugh Hefner and social media responses to his passing.

מוסיקה: טי-בון בורנט, דני אלפמן

Allison -- PG also means Proylene glycol in chemistry. You are trying to stretch guidelines for showing movies to fit your needs. Whether you call it PG rating with Parental Guidance or Parental Guidance Suggested…guess what -- the word “Parental” is still there. It does not say Teacher or School Counselor, Coach or even Principal Guidance. It is Parental guidance, period.

An article about the TIFF Ebert Tribute Luncheon honoring Wim Wenders on Sunday, September 10th.

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“But I’m not happy with my treatment,” I said.

When Martin Scorsese's filmography is complete, will be somewhere in the middle. But he had never won Best Director before, nor had any of his movies won Best Picture, so was crowned. It's good, of course!