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The movie is very visual in expressing desire, as language only figures to a certain extent. Some Critics have argued that, "The play merely contains of dialogue... there are only very brief descriptions at the beginning of each scene, containing place and characters. This gave Luhrmann the opportunity to create a setting far beyond Shakepeare's imagination, without violating the original text. This setting can be described as 'a sexy, violent other-world." However some critics hav eoffered a more negative opinion, "Luhrmann uses over the top visuals, the television achors represnt Shakespeare's effective traditional chrous... Baz Luhrmann's post modern "Romeo and Juliet" is a comic book shot at selling Shakespaeare to genration X." However, despite differing views on the film, it is fair to say, I think that the places and spaces in the film and their...

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In the fight Paris is killed and then Romeo drinks the poison and dies next to Juliet’s coffin.
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Then extremely fast edits of various faces combined with flashing colored lights and odd sound effects to make it seem as if he was losing his mind. Interestingly, he sobers up with an underwater shot of him splashing his face. Camera usage differed when Romeo and Juliet first saw each other in the modern version. Romeo first caught sight of her eyes through an aquarium divider. Both movies used close-ups to show their emotions and timidness at the first encounter. However, the first kiss was portrayed differently in the two films by the use of camera shots and editing. The 1968 version uses a close-up of them kiss privately. The kiss was passionate in a softer, more refined way. In the modern film, Romeo and Juliet kiss in an elevator after running around playfully. The camera whirls around the embracing couple in a circle. This was quite effective in causing the viewer to be caught up in the spontaneous romantic feeling. The viewer can almost feel the “butterflies” in their stomachs.

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Music played an additional part in the overall effect of the scene. The first version contained calming, courtly music to give the viewer a sense of time and manners that were employed then. The party atmosphere itself was then calmer. The song, “What is a Youth?” also had meaning in the story. The song explained that youth fades just as a flower does. It related to and foreshadowed the future of the star-crossed lovers. Slow, pleasant music is played behind conversations between Romeo and Juliet that contributed to the mood. In disparity, the upbeat dance music at the beginning of the modern scene gave way to an energetic and festive party mood. Parties in present time might use similar music to make guests have a good time. Mercutio sang the words; “Young hearts, run free.” These words related to the feeling that was in the air between Romeo and Juliet.

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• Even if there were records, they would probably shed little light on Shakespeare's life as he gained experience in the Elizabethan theater. There was a period of two or perhaps three years during the early 1590s when Shakespeare made the extraordinary artistic leap from writing plays like the flawed and bloody Titus Andronicus to creating his romantic masterpiece, Romeo and Juliet, probably first performed in 1594 or 1595.

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No doubt I will receive mail from readers accusing me of giving away the story's ending by revealing that Romeo and Juliet die. I had my answer all prepared: If you do not already know what happens to the star-crossed lovers, then you are not the audience this movie is aiming for. But, stay, my pen! Perhaps you are.

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Juliet only told the nurse because she loves the nurse and trusted her as well, and needed the help of the nurse to get married to Romeo. The first time that the majority of people would know about the marriage or love would be when Friar Lawrence would publicly announce it to Verona. The dramatic irony in all of this is the fact that after all of the major events (fights, family brawls, and the murder of Mercutio and Tybalt), no one knows that one of the Capulets is married to one of the Montagues. Something like this at the time period would be extremely unacceptable, and even in the time period would be ironic.