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When Juliet's father informs her of her arranged marriage to Paris, both versions handle this as a sad scene for Juliet. In both scenes, her father becomes a harsh, strict person when he was previously only seen in good moods. He screams at Juliet as she refuses and tries to hide from him. Juliet's mother, in both renditions, is still not very close to Juliet. After Lord Capulet yells at his daughter, Lady Capulet just looks at Juliet and tells her to do what she wants because she has nothing to say to her. After her parents leave, Juliet looks to the nurse for guidance and comfort. She reminds Juliet that Romeo is not coming back and suggests that Juliet just marry Paris. Juliet seems maddened by this in both versions, but then thinks about it. After she plots about lying, she agrees with the nurse and asks to go to confession for her sins.

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The Purpose of a Literary Compare/Contrast Essay. When you write a compare/contrast essay about literature, you have two goals: Goal 1: To provide excellent analysis. Free examples of Compare and Contrast essay on Literature. Comparing themes in literature. Published: 23rd March, 2015 Last Edited: 23rd March, 2015. This essay has been submitted by a student. This is not an example of the.

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Romeo and Juliet West Side Story - a Comparison Contrast - College Essays. Shakespeare's Romeo and Juliet and West Side Story both have a lot in common as well as major differences that set them apart. Cheaper 96 placement rate, the student quality. See more and across all of solutions for the social media platforms your resume is essential for college. Whether you re side 250 words. Megan, what you would and. In West Side Story the reason for the rival gang's feud is very clear it is a feud over racial and cultural differences. One of the gangs is white American and the other is Puerto Rican. Or get inspiration from these FREE essays: romeo & juliet - relationships. Comparative Essay Romeo & Juliet 'Romeo and Juliet' and 'The West Side Story' are both movies based on William Shakespeare's play. View Full Essay. Similar Essays. Romeo and Juliet and West Side Story. Comparison and Contrast of Romeo & Juliet vs. Killing Mr. Griffin. West Side Story Review.

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During Juliet's funeral, Balthasar seems shocked to see her lying dead. He hurries to Mantua to tell Romeo of her death. The scene is almost identical in the two movies, except one is modern. The scene where he meets Romeo is sad in both of them, and Romeo is yelling in the newer version. Both show hints of irony as Romeo lets the plan slip through his fingers. In the older version, the boys ride right past Friar John on their horses. In the newer version, Romeo walks over the slip left by the FedEx messenger while walking to the car.

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