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Am I racially prejudiced? That was the question I asked myself after I watched the movie Crash. This acclaimed movie which highlights the racial stereotypes that exist in America was a classic example portraying how everyone without much thought has some sort of prejudgment in the way they treat others of different races. This paper will examine my reactions to this classic movie and explain how it represented the diverse culture we have in contemporary America.

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Without a doubt Crash attempted to address the diversity of the American landscape. The movie portrayed Whites, Asians, Latinos, Middle Eastern, and African Americans. I have seen Crash many times and have always been amazed at the realness of the subject matter and great example of the melting pot of cultures of the country we live in. As I watched the movie I was able to relate to the characters more closely because what I saw on film is matched very closely at my workplace. I agree with many of the portrayals of the stereotype that were shown as I feel I have been affected by them. The movie producer’s efforts in showing the different cultures and the way they co-exist are very believable.

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Crash Reaction Paper In the world, there are vast amounts of hate crimes, racism, and massive bigotry between all ethnicities. Throughout the movie Crash,

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All through time, the world has been racist and intolerant of people different from themselves. Countless millions have suffered due to the bigotry of people that couldn't understand change or differences among one another. There was a time when any soul that wasn't blue eyed and blonde haired in Germany, anyone with darker skin where immediately classed as inferior and not human. Even now, when you are not aware, racism is still a considerable problem. But sometimes it isn't one person being racist against another, but rather one person being racist against them self. The movie crash shows good examples of how racism against oneself, caused by fear and misunderstanding, is just as malevolent and evil as racism against another person. Fear is what makes people act racist. Farhad is one of many examples in the movie of a person who recognizes his own race and paralyzes himself through his own fear. Farhad believes that since he is Persian he is immediately being persecuted against and cheated. He flips out at the gun shop when the owner was insulting him which just furthers his fear of Americans. After the events on 9/11, which are referenced a lot in the movie, Farhad thinks that anyone who is Middle Eastern isn't welcome in America. Even after the gun shop owner was rude; his shop was destroyed by racist people who hated him. It is this same fear of being cheated because of his race that makes him very untrusting to people he doesn't know. He calls a lock smith to come fix his door because it won't lock. He immediately thinks that Daniel is trying to cheat him and steal money from him just because of his past endeavors.

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The movie Crash was released in 2005 and was directed as well as co-produced and co-written by Paul Haggis. The movie was acclaimed and appreciated for presenting an uncompromising insight into what is considered to be a modern and sophisticated society. Crash dared to touch upon a subject that had been scarcely brought up on the television screen before (Haggis, 2005). This issue was one that pertained to racism and the extent to which it exists within modern day society. This paper shall serve to bring forth an analysis of the manner in which Crash served to reveal the manner in which racism is exercised by people every day in society and how this awareness should be brought into use to eradicate the racial prejudice that goes unrealized and unacknowledged in society.

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Tension between the African Americans and Caucasians have been present in America since slavery. In the movie Crash (2004), race and culture are major themes that can be seen in the lives of the characters in the film. One character in particular, Cameron, a prestigious color vision director, displays the friction between two cultures. He belongs to the educated, upper class of the Los Angeles area. He is also an African American, yet he seems to have no ties with that class. He has a light-skinned wife, attends award shows, and it appears that his acquaintances are predominately white. When he and his wife, Christine, get pulled over by a racist cop, he experiences emotions of powerlessness and helplessness that he never knew he would experience due to his upbringing and place in society. Cameron goes through a radical transformation where he comes to grips with his background and how he fits into these two clashing cultures.