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Entrancing, challenging, maddening, and finally unsatisfying, Theroux's three essays take the primary colors and look at them from every angle, including cultural, historical, psychological, and linguistic. Thus, his evocation of blue moves from melancholy, movies, and Roman royalty to raw meat, thin milk, and hardened steel, to the whelks of Phoenicia and the "blue-black sky in Vincent van Gogh's 1980 Crows Flying over a Cornfield." And that's just a meager sampling of the first three pages. The result is a fascinating laundry list of the way blue, yellow, and red manifest themselves in daily life, but readers will soon wonder what it all means. Are we to conclude from melancholy, meat, and Van Gogh's sky that blue should always put us in a raw mood? Then how do we acknowledge that in Tibetan Buddhism wisdom is associated with blue? Not to mention Mary's robes and baby boys. Theroux gives a cursory overview of the development of pigment in art, but it is too scattershot to satisfy curious art students. The aim here is wondrously ambitious, but Theroux doesn't quite pull it off.-Barbara Hoffert, "Library Journal"

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After watching this movie, one can take a lot out of seeing the transformation of this “ideal” candidate. What made Travolta’s character so powerful was his commitment to his morals. It was this very feature that made Burton join the Stanton campaign team, and thus run such a successful campaign. When politicians are as loyal and attentive as Primary Colors makes Stanton look, the people take notice and politicians ultimately do better in the polls. During the movie a news anchor states Stanton is doing well in the polls because many of those polled claimed to have meet him in person. His overall strategy demonstrates the impact of empathy in campaigning, and is a realistic example of how to effectively run for office in modern-day politics.

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For a direct to video, moderately-low budget production, 'Precious Cargo' actually has a pretty pleasing, well detailed 2.40:1 1080p transfer working for it. This movie makes great use of it's various Gulfport, Mississippi locations. The detail levels showcase a lot of the local scenery, facial features, and the modest production design work. Black levels are nicely inky with controlled contrast allowing for some measure of depth to come through. Colors are stable and natural allowing for plenty of primary pop - especially ocean blues. Aside from some slight banding in a couple places, the image is free of any compression artifacts. It may not be the most spectacular transfer ever, but considering its origins, 'Precious Cargo' looks pretty darn good on Blu-ray.

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71. What color do you like? Why? ( 5 - 6 )
I like red. Please allow me to explain. In my country, red is associated with life and good luck. For example, a bride will wear something red on her wedding day, in the hope that it will bring her and her bridegroom some luck in future.

71. What color do you like? Why? ( 7 - 8 )
If I had to describe my favorite color, I would choose yellow. Many artists are known to use yellow in their paintings. For example, Vincent van Gogh is famous for the yellow sunflowers in some of his paintings. Many countries have yellow in their national flags. For example, South Africa has a broad yellow band in their newly designed flag. This symbolizes the energy and warmth to be found in the nation.

71. What color do you like? Why? ( 7 - 8 )
Yellow is my favorite color. First of all, to me, yellow symbolizes the sun. What I mean to say is that it reminds me of energy and warmth. Secondly, yellow is a bright color as apposed to dull colors like brown and gray. For instance, brown and gray usually make me feel depressed. Lastly, I would like to mention that yellow is a practical color. That is to say, you can wear yellow with almost any color, and it does not get dirty too easily.

72. Do colors have some symbolic meaning in your country? ( 5 - 8 )
Yes, colors certainly have a lot of meaning in my country. Please allow me to explain. Firstly, it is significant that the national flag of my country has a red background. Red is symbolic, for example, of a vibrant life, which we believe are one of the dominant characteristics of the country and its people. It also signifies good luck, so a bride would wear some red on her wedding day. In addition, I think that yellow has a specific meaning to our people. For example, we believe that it symbolizes the energy radiated by the sun, which in turn is the primary source of life. In addition, however, it also signifies the obscene, as apposed to blue in the most of the western cultures. For example, here a blue movie, would be called a yellow movie. Lastly, I think that white has a special meaning to us. To be more specific, in times of sadness and mourning, we use white to express our feelings, as apposed to black in most of the western cultures.

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