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After WWII, studies showed that the one thing returning American soldiers wanted was a new car. This was great for auto manufacturers except for this: During the war, car companies took out all of the existing 1941-42 models to the back lot for the remainder of the war to make room for aircraft manufacturing. When the war was over, they took all those cars back, and sold them as new models. This meant that if you bought a 1947 or 1948 car, you were really getting a 41-42 model. Preston Tucker, featured in my Camoria Automotive page, decided that he wanted to build a new car. And not just a car that was put out on a lot, but a car that actually had new technology. Here are some of the things Tucker was talking about putting in his car before anyone else:

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Preston Tucker was a man who revolutionized car design in the late 1940s The Tucker automobile had many advanced, innovative features, from its fastback shape to its. Home » Essay » Tucker The Man And His Dream Essays, Papers: in current category Title: Tucker: The man and his dream Essay Details Movie: Tucker - Preston. Movie: Tucker - Preston Tucker Essays: Over 180,000 Movie: Tucker - Preston Tucker Essays, Movie: Tucker - Preston Tucker Term Papers, Movie: Tucker - Preston Tucker.

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Presently, there are only 47 of these beauties left in the world, of a total of 51 built. The man I met, who owned three of them, had the largest single collection of Tucker cars and info. Every blueprint for every nut and bolt, this guy had. And I looked at all of them. He also showed me the cars, for free, and I nearly died. I've been worshipping this car for years, and there I was, standing right next to it. I wasn't supposed to touch it, but I did. I don't care. I'm never going to be that close to one again. I touched it. And that statement is true. The guy who owned these cars past away a little over a year ago. David Cammack. He donated ALL of his collection to the ACAA museum in Hershey, PA. This means that I will never get that close to them, without a velvet rope separating me. This was also one of the first times seeing a car that old. It struck me as odd. I remember thinking how large the headlights were. They look smaller in the pictures. They're not. They're well over a handfull.

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The question I am most often asked after my many speeches on Preston Tucker is how accurate is the movie, “Tucker: The Man and His Dream.” From my years of research, I believe the basic theme of the movie is quite accurate: Preston Tucker did fully intend to build his car of tomorrow. The many sub-themes of the movie, for the most part, are rooted in fact. The movie significance compresses time and often takes artistic license with facts in order to more effectively present the story and entertain the movie audience. However, I continue to give Francis Ford Coppola’s movie two thumbs up as a classic American entrepreneurship story. Grab your popcorn, pop in your video of the movie and let’s roll the film. I will use PT to refer to Preston Tucker

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The movie, Tucker: The Man and His Dream, is the story of a man named Preston Tucker and takes place in the 1940’s. Preston Tucker’s dream was to design and build the greatest automobile ever made. At first, he began by bringing home drawings of his dream car, which was to be called the Tucker Torpedo. He showed the drawings to a man who would eventually become his partner, Abe. Initially, Abe doesn’t like the idea of building a car, but he didn’t know anything about cars. Tucker placed an advertisement in a magazine about his car, and the public became excited.

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The Big Guys used many shady tactics, such as spying on Tuckers operation, to bring down his company. However, part of being a leader is to be proactive, to take charge, and make a vision a reality. This concept of being proactive was portrayed throughout the movie. At the very beginning when Tucker proposed the idea of the Tucker Topedo to Abe, a business man, Abe told him he had no chance, he said “Believe it or not, you’re the only lunatic in the country dumb enough to...