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Truman Show Essay Appearance V Reality. The Truman Show and Pleasantville essay Satire is defined as biting In the films The Truman Show and Pleasantville.

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They were discriminated against because of the different color of their skin and as in the movie they do not agree with the beliefs of the black and white people. This led to strong hostility against them. Even though It is in a TV sitcom Pleasantville, its where we see the door signs on the shops say “No Colored People” and colored people could only observe a court case from the second floor balcony. These situations are actually reflected in the 50s in America too. Also, the director reiterated the fact that everyone should be equal in terms of emotional expression and from the transformation of the entire town into color. During the trial of Bill and Bud, everyone actually turned to color reminding us that after all, the black and whites still have emotions in their hearts, except that they do not wish to express them. Thus the uses of colors are successful in symbolizing and mocking racial discrimination.

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In conclusion, the movie Pleasantville has many important themes but only three very important ones which are racial discrimination, personal freedom, and love. A lot of citizens in Pleasantville have been discriminated, nobody had any personal freedom, and there was love blooming between the citizens of Pleasantville.

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The changes to the town of Pleasantville are made clear through the techniques of colour editing and music. It is these changes that enhanced my understanding of the important theme that life has no rules.

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Colour editing is used to show the end of the character David’s journey of development when he punches Whitey. A low camera angle makes David seem powerful and exaggerates the fact that he is fuelled with anger and passion, which drives him into this intense moment of violence. This moment causes David to gain colour. The colour editing of David helped me understand that he had now become fully engaged in life as he wasn’t following the script of Pleasantville any longer and was making his own changes in life. This highlights the importance of the theme of life having no rules and is a message to all of us to celebrate this ability to make changes by embracing life.
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As indicated earlier, Pleasantville brings to light issues concerning the American culture which includes the social obstacles in the society today. Pleasantville incorporates the use of colors to portray racism in a satirical and unique manner. The American society is depicted as reserved and unwilling to embrace change in the movie. The fear of racial integration is clearly perceived in the American society. With time people attain more satisfaction in their lives in many different ways like through discovering their sexuality. This leads to a shift in color from black and white to distinctive bright colors. This leads to segregation of the colored people by the black and white people on the basis that the colored ones were corrupt (Calhoun 2007).

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The burning of the books symbolizes lack of knowledge, which can result in ignorant immorality- such as discrimination. Without knowledge people do not know better other than to follow, nor understand the difference between right and wrong. People within modern societies make crucial decision, such as voting a government into power, based on ignorant views rather than logical reasoning. In the closing sequence of Pleasantville, there is a medium shot of Mr. and Mrs. Parker sitting on a bench speaking about the future, then soon after there is a crosscut to Mrs. Parker and Mr.

Discuss the symbolic use of colours in the movie Pleasantville that address specicifally the themese of race, sexuality, and personal freedom.

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?"Pleasantville" is everything you can ask for from a movie, and more. As a nerdy kids black and white television show becomes his life, he and his sister are sucked into the universe of 1958. In a perfect world, where change is unheard of, sex is incomprehensible, and colour is absent, Bud (Tobey Maguire) and his sister (Reese Witherspoon) learn that change can be the most beautiful thing. In this very odd world, many questions will be dying to be answered, and while most of them are, it is the true beauty that keeps you guessing when the film concludes. Everything about this film represents perfection. Paying a homage to classic paintings and classic television acting, this film is one of the best of the 90's. The emotions are endlessly engaging, the witty comedy is hilarious, the story is magnificent, and the cast is fantastic. "Pleasantville" is not one to be missed!