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According to the our textbook, nearly 300 American warplanes were damaged, 18 warships had been sunk to its end. Many soldiers drowned as they were trapped in the ships as many jumped out. Many navy men, were crushed by bombs, and bullets that shot from the Japanese airplanes. This all out attack woke up a “sleeping giant.” The United States were called out to War. We responded and eventually won the War. The movie “Pearl Harbor,” captured the look and feel for what exactly happened. The image of a tremendous ship sinking and sucking navy men down underwater as they drown, was a horrifying scene. Bloodshed spread throughout the waters of Pearl Harbor. What once looked like a tropical paradise became a demolished land, full of blood and destruction. I would one day like to meet someone that was alive and present during this time, I would have many questions for him or her.

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Fleet Commander, Vice Admiral Nagumo, received his. Free pearl harbour Essays and Papers. Free pearl harbor papers, essays, and research papers. American naval base at Pearl Harbor in Hawaii and has declared war on Britain and the United States. Critical Essay On Pearl Harbor. November 26 steaming a circuitous route towards Pearl Harbor. The Japanese attack fleet left its home waters on.

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Some have compared Pearl Harbor to Titanic, but I see no comparison. I did not see Titanic until recently because I felt it dishonored the memory of all those who died by focusing in on an unrealistic, FICTIONAL couple who just happened to be on the Titanic. But Pearl Harbor brought to life people who lived through it all. The “love triangle” wasn’t necessary to the story, but I found it to be believable. During WWII people fell in love and married within weeks sometimes (many of those marriages have outlasted those of the last 10 years). Finding comfort in the arms of the best friend and the return of her first love, also very believable. The only disappointment I had regarding this movie was the comments I heard as we were leaving the theatre. Most only saw a film made simply for their entertainment, a beautiful romance, awesome effects, poor acting. But I saw a tribute made to those that have suffered and even died for this nation to make it possible to enjoy the freedoms that we have today, and it reminded me how much we take for granted the men and women who fight for this country by allowing those here to abuse the privileges they fight for.

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First, the film is a bad piece of art. The film tries to copy the financial success of the film Titanic with a story of a love triangle set in an actual historical crisis. The bulk of the screen time focuses on the relationship of three fictional characters played by Ben Affleck, Josh Hartnett and Kate Beckinsale. The characters Affleck and Hartnett play are Army Air Force fighter pilots that are best friends. The Affleck and Beckinsale characters meet in a Navy hospital, in a scene that is reminiscent of another film that producer Jerry Bruckheimer made, Top Gun, and then fall in love. Affleck decides to volunteer to serve in the Royal Air Force during the Battle of Britain and leaves Hartnett and Beckinsale as the military sends these two to Hawaii. The team of Bruckheimer, director Michael Bay, and screenwriter Randall Wallace faced a dilemma: how to bring Hartnett and Beckinsale together given their strong feelings for Affleck and how to do so without making either of them look unsympathetic. The solution to their problem comes straight out of television soap operas: Affleck is reported killed in action. Slowly the two put aside their mutual pain and discover their attraction to one another. Then, suddenly Affleck returns from the dead after having survived a crash in the English Channel. Needless to say, he is angry at what he finds. The Japanese attack on Pearl Harbor interrupts and the two friends put aside their difference and take on the enemy, downing several Japanese planes. In order, to resolve the triangle and end on a patriotic note, the BBW team tack on the Doolittle raid. Affleck and Hartnett join this mission, suddenly becoming bomber pilots. Hartnett dies on this assignment, but before his demise he learns he will become a father and tells Affleck to raise his child. Affleck and Beckinsale reunite and become a family at the end of the film. The team of BBW could have cut off half an hour from the movie, and maybe had more emotional impact, if they had the resolution take place on December 7, but including the Doolittle section allows American audiences to leave the theater with a nice patriotic feeling.