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A bunch of other reviews I noticed have pointed out that this is in some way a great study of sexual jealousy. I think this is an interesting reading of the play, and really more telling of the reader and his or her own feelings / history than the play itself. If this had been a play delving into the psyche and torment of someone in the throes of sexual jealousy would be more like taking Othello and sending making him behave more like Hamlet. I'd say that Othello isn't tormented by sexual jealousy, that would involve some kind of introspection on his part. It would involve a level of imagination that is remarkably absent in Othello. Othello's lack of imagination is one of the traits that allows Iago to manipulate him so perfectly. Othello would need to think to be tormented by jealousy, if he did this then there is a chance that the tragedy of this play would be averted, instead his only reaction is rage.

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I've recently finished and and rated them 5 stars for I truly considered them nothing short of amazing plays, but I confess so much has been written about them, not only in amazing reviews but also in other literary classics that I'm not sure I have much to add. Plus - while I enjoy writing my usual ramblings about books I just finished, I try to keep this exercise as natural as possible and avoid turning it into a mandatory thing - my feelings about them were not necessarily words - or words, and I don't want to emulate Joyce's style by having a review filled with . So I let them be, aware that they might come back as ghosts to haunt me at anytime.

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That isn't to say that the play isn't about jealousy, it is. That is the central motivating factor, but it's not the Jerry Springer who is sleeping with who and now we beat each other up for the viewers enjoyment type of jealousy, but a more subtle kind. It is Iago's jealousy of Cassio that propels the action, and sets into motion the destruction one expects in a Shakespearean tragedy. Iago is the character who suffers the torments of jealousy, because he can reflect on it and has the allowed himself to be so consumed by these feelings that he attempts to bring about the destruction of everyone around him so that everyone can suffer with him. It really should be his play, he's much more interesting than Othello, who reminds me more of one of those little cars from the 80's that you put a penny on the back of and then pulled back on and let them race off in a straight line. Maybe fun to watch, but not terribly interesting or surprising. Is that what I think of this play? No, I really liked it, I just think that there are much more interesting things going on then this review mentions or that saying it's a play about sexual jealousy; neither of which do much justice to the play.

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Alajuan W. Othello S&D The Handkerchief Exchange Differences The Confronting/Killing of Desdemona Similarities In all three sources, Desdemona/Desi died by Othello/Odin killing her. Emilia/Emily sees Desdemona drop the handkerchief and picks it up. Othello: "O": "O": The Death Scene Similarities The Death Scene Differences Play/Othello: "O": Introduction Works Cited Iago made sure Michael(Cassio) got the Handkerchief. Othello/Odin called Desdemona/Desi a hoe or whore. Othello/Odin accuses Desdemona/Desi of cheating on him. Iago/Hugo manipulates Emilia/Emily to give him the Handkerchief Othello/Odin gave to Desdemona/Desi. Michael(Cassio) gives the handkerchief to Bianca/Brandy. Hugo tells Mike that the scarf was his mother's and he could give it to Brandy. Odin got the scarf from his sick mother. Cassio found the handkerchief by his door. Emilia/Emily finds the handkerchief in Desdemona/Desi's room Play: Cassio finds the handkerchief in his room. Othello/Odin hears Iago/Hugo talking to Michael(Cassio) talking about Desdemona/Desi. Odin kills Desi by choking her with his hands. Hugo/Iago killed Emilia/Emily because she wouldn't keep quiet about the handkerchief. Othello/Odin gave a speech before he killed himself. Bianca/Brandy finds Cassio hurt. Roderigo/Roger and Iago/Hugo plot to kill Michael(Cassio). Emily,Roger, and Odin died by getting shot. Mike took weapon from Roger then Hugo got a tire iron and hit Mike in the head with it. Othello and Emilia died next to Desdemona. Othello stabs Iago before he kills himself. Odin and Desi had a heated argument about Mike. After Othello smothers Desdemona with a pillow, Desdemona says her final words before she dies. Desdemona didn't know why Othello was mad at her. The movie "Othello" has many similarities to the actually play, while the movie "O" has more differences. The main similarity that both movies have is that everything happened because of Iago/Hugo's plot against Othello that was ruled by his jealousy. A difference that the movie "Othello" and the movie "O" have is that "O" is more modern while the movie "Othello" stays true to the time the play was actually written. Even though the movies are somewhat different from the original play, the storyline is still upheld in both movies. Othello. Dir. Oliver Parker. Perf. Laurence Fishburne, Irene Jacob, and Kenneth Branagh. Castle Rock Entertainment, 1995. Videocassette.

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As the object of Othello's grand affections, Irene Jacob (who has starred in films by Polish director Krysztztoff Kieslowski) remains tentative and, frankly, not worth all the fuss. She seems doubly out of place—as a 20th-century movie actress doing Shakespeare, and as a French speaker caught in an English-language picture. Fishburne and Jacob don't look comfortable together; so their affair doesn't look right. In an alarming way, Iago's evil ways almost make sense: This love affair really does have to be stopped.

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4+ of 5 stars to , a tragic play written in 1603, by . When it comes to writing a thorough review about this Shakespearean work of art, it could take weeks and days to craft perfection; however, I've already stumbled upon a few across Goodreads, and the world doesn't need another interpretation by a middle-aged white guy. Nor does it need my opinion about what this says of a person's ethnic background, skin color or personality traits. But what the world does need to hear from me... at least if I'm going to post a review... is why I liked it. And I'll keep it shorts, as we've all likely studied this one in high school or college, read it on our own, or watched a TV/Film adaption at some point. If you haven't, shame on you... stop reading right now, go find one, then come back and let's chat.