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I first saw Ordinary People at the Eric Twin Chestnut Hill Theater near my home in Philadelphia. They didn’t have multiplexes much back then so this was a two-theater complex that I often frequented and felt comfortable in because there weren’t large crowds to contend with. I was in college and since I had homework most of the time, I could rarely get out to see a movie let alone rent one until my semester break began. This was actually the next to last day Ordinary People was playing. VCR’s were too expensive to own, so I had to see it in the theater or else miss it. And I couldn’t do that. It might not be on broadcast television for at least another five years since cable was in its infancy.

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Director Redford places all these events in a suburban world that is seen withan understated matter-of-factness. There are no cheap shots against suburbanlifestyles or affluence or mannerisms: The problems of the people in this moviearen't caused by their milieu, but grow out of themselves. And, like it or not,the participants have to deal with them. That's what sets the film apart fromthe sophisticated suburban soap opera it could easily have become. Eachcharacter in this movie is given the dramatic opportunity to look insidehimself, to question his own motives as well as the motives of others, and totry to improve his own ways of dealing with a troubled situation. Two of thecharacters do learn how to adjust; the third doesn't. It's not often we getcharacters who face those kinds of challenges on the screen, nor directors whoseek them out. “Ordinary People” is an intelligent, perceptive, and deeplymoving film.

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According to the proponents of chaulmoogra, such as Muir, having a cure changed everything. First, segregation and leprosy laws should be abandoned. As long as the disease was seen as a crime and detection meant lifelong segregation, people would do their best to hide their disease for as long as possible. This increased the risk of contagion, and the risk of missing the window of opportunity for the chaulmoogra treatment to work. Second, the expensive isolationist institutions should be replaced by cheap outpatient clinics and treatment in the patient’s own home. (Unlike the rest of the world, there were by 1930 already more dispensaries than in-patient clinics in British India.) Third, it meant that treatments should be voluntary. Once former patients could return to their communities cured, they would spread the word and encourage others to seek help.

Leprosy in India [Lepra in India in the original German] is a hard film to watch

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Reviewers and ordinary viewers on IMDb and other web sites have pointed out lots of reasons for disliking this mumblecore movie. The camera work is helter-skelter, the plot aimless. Eléonore (Eleonore Hendricks, Safdie’s girlfriend) goes around NYC stealing people’s purses and keeping the objects in them in her crammed apartment. Including a dog and four kittens. In a night club she sneaks car keys out of a backpack and finds the Volvo that belongs to them. She picks up Josh (Safdie himself) who teaches her to drive, sort of, and they drive up to his flat in Boston. Back in New York (with Josh’s hat and jacket), she is caught rifling a purse and arrested, but manages to be allowed to visit the Central Park Zoo anyway (a reference to an earlier short by Safdie).

Werner Herzog's "Heart of Glass" (1976) is a vision of man's future as desolation

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Response: I deny this. Even if we are in a matrix, there are stillpeople, football games, and particles, arranged in space-time just aswe think they are. It is just that the world has a naturethat goes beyond our initial conception. In particular, things in theworld are realized computationally in a way that we might not haveoriginally imagined. But this does not contradict any of our ordinarybeliefs. At most, it will contradict a few of our more abstractmetaphysical beliefs. But exactly the same goes for quantummechanics, relativity theory, and so on.