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I live in a small community. From my everyday experience and observation I can say that the idea about building a new theatre in my neighborhood has some advantages as well as disadvantages. In this essay I will first focus on the reasons why I support this idea and then move on to analyzing why I oppose it.

First of all, I like movies and my husband and I sometimes go to the movie theatre to watch premieres. Unfortunately, it is time-consuming for us. We have to drive about 50 minutes to the nearest movies theatre. So, the idea of having a movie theatre in our neighborhood seems very attractive. It would save us an hour just to get there and another hour to get back home. Another important aspect of it is that in this case we will be able to get to the movie theatre by foot. I must to confess that we always have parking troubles in the parking space near the movie theatre.

Second of all, new movie theatre is a very good place for students who want to earn some money. My husband and I live near a student community, so I think it would be a great news for them. In addition to this practical benefit students will be able to watch all movies free of charge. I suppose it is a great way to save some money.

Finally, there are usually many restaurants and entertaining centers around a movie theatre. There people can have dinner or play game machines.

In contrast, I think that the building of a new movie theatre will destroy the silence and beauty of out community. Such entertaining centers are often noisy. Moreover, traffic jams will probably be the result of it.

In conclusion, I think that if the question was about building a new movie theatre in the next neighborhood I would completely agree.

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A critical theater review is an example of an observation essay based on a movie, show, or a theatrical play. This review is designed to inform the reader on the quality of play and characteristics of the show. This type of essay is designed to paint a picture of the general atmosphere and experiences felt by the crowd during the show.

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An observation essay is one that describes an event, object, or idea. It is designed to show your reader that you have the ability to make an observation. One way to ensure that you write a strong paper is to make sure that you pick an intriguing idea to write about. You don’t want to just choose anything. You want to be able to write about a topic that really interests you and one that you don’t mind knowing every detail about. When choosing a topic, you want to make sure that you choose a topic that is right for the task. The first thing that you should worry about is whether the topic is intriguing. You should strive to choose a topic that doesn’t bore you so that you can write your paper successfully. You want to choose a topic that you can draw some really good observations from as well. What have you observed about the classes that are easier for girls than they are for boys? Is this because of society’s view on gender? For example, have you found that girls do better in Home Economics because they have made meals with their mothers? Do boys do better in shop because they may have been exposed to the machinery already?The topic is important especially when you are writing this type of essay. You really need to choose something that you can make some observations of or one that you can find out information on. You don’t have to observe it yourself but you need to find the information about what others have observed. Creating an outline is a good way to get your ideas organized. You will be able to make sure that you can present your information in a logical manner so that you can really answer your topic question and prove to your audience that you have made some solid observations.

Below given is a list of interesting observation essay topic ideas. Choose the subject you like the most to create an outstanding paper effortlessly.

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