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The movie’s greatest strength is that Page and Wood are wholly believable as sisters. Nell and Eva very different people, and at different places in their lives, but the actresses manage to draw the gulf between their characters without ever defaulting into archetypes. Eva tends towards depression, while Nell is younger and has yet to share some of her sibling’s disappointments, but family members are not designed to be foils for each other, and the contrasts between these two women never feel overly convenient. Their love for one another may not be as explicit as it is in the book, but they love each other, and are stronger because of that. Page and Wood navigate this difficult, often half-formed material with great tenderness and surgical precision — together, through thick and thin, they convey a feeling of great personal growth, revealing new wrinkles to their roles long after Rozema’s camera has stopped looking for them.

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It’s only after the family retreats back to the woods and Nell and Eva left are left to their own devices that the film begins to falter, as though Rozema is suddenly unsure as to what she’s looking for. As Nell and Eva contend with increasingly terrible threats against their safety, it’s clear that they are capable of creating a world in their own image, but Rozema fails to visualize what that image might be. The potency of the story’s setting is consistently untapped — the forest that engulfs the movie never feels like more than a sea of trees. Nell’s violent modern dance moves are more focefully expressive than anything in the environment around her.

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Analyze a Movie According to the Principles of Psychology
See the list of appropriate movies on p.2 of this document; if you pick another movie,
please consult the professor first.
The paper will be graded according to the rubric criteria stated on Blackboard.
This paper should be 3 pages minimum to 5 pages maximum, double spaced, 12
Works cited can be in MLA or APA style.
Please answer the following questions in your essay.
I need ALL questions answered but not necessarily in order.
The use of subtitles may help you organize your paper.
Cite the movie you chose and any other materials you might use (books, articles, online
I need a correct and complete citation according to MLA or APA style
BRIEFLY summarize the movie
(1 or 2 paragraphs should be sufficient)
What field (area, specialty) of psychology is the movie about?
(2 to 3 paragraphs should be enough.
Examples include: social psychology, human development, biopsychology, clinical psychology, etc. It can
be more than one field.)
Justify your answer by illustrating each concept with specific examples from the movie.
Give at least 5 examples of psychological concepts used in the movie.
(2 to 3 paragraphs PER CONCEPT. Concepts are things you learned this semester during class;
examples of concepts include intelligence, personality, any mental illness or type of therapy, theories,
discrimination, obedience, classical conditioning, etc.)
Justify your answer by illustrating each concept with specific examples from the movie.
Does the movie offer a realistic view of the psychological concepts it explores?
(2 to 3 paragraphs should be enough. Could this movie happen in real life? Why? Are the concepts
exaggerated or pretty close to reality? How?) Justify your answer by citing the textbook or other
credible sources.
List of appropriate movies (some are older movies; new movies are
fine just make sure you check with me and that you have enough
material to go with. Documentaries are not appropriate):
A beautiful Mind
Analyze This
American Beauty
As Good As it Gets
Black Swan
Boys Don’t Cry
Clockwork Orange
Fight Club
Girl Interrupted
Me Myself and Irene
No Country for Old Men
One Flew Over a Cukoo’s Nest
Percy Jackson and the Olympians
Rain Man
Regarding Henry
Requiem For a Dream
Shutter Island
The Aviator
The Beaver
The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo
The Hours
The King’s Speech
The Notebook
The Silence of the Lambs
The Soloist
What’s Eating Gilbert Grape
50 First Dates
Big Daddy

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