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Although an otherwise well-brandished script, American History X’s storyline does have a few faults in it. The writers do not use the usual way of dealing with controversial issues, they do not lecture and so on, they present the story and allow the audience to develop their own opinions on it. The only fault was that Derek’s transformation occurred too quickly and too easily. Actually, the speed at which the transformation occurred may be reasonable to some, but how Derek changes seems too simple. A rape is certainly disturbing, but seeing as how aggressive and stubborn Derek was, one would think that he would try to seek revenge, or do something to those who wronged him to make them understand, but he did not do so. A black inmate sacrifices his own life and reputation to help Derek out, but once again, knowing how Derek was, he would have pushed him away also. It is a good basis, but a little bit more information on how he changed, or more intense events would have justified everything suitably.

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American History X is an unforgettable movie, hands down. Tony Kaye remarkably presents this drama as one like no other. Although we watch the two main characters transform into a better person, the unresolved problem at the end serves as an ominous reminder that racism still and unfortunately, always will exist in modern American society. There will be several more movies that target racists and bigots, but none will come close to the impact and impression left by American History X.

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...(This story is 10 pages long. You need to scroll down, from page to page, to read the entire story.) American History By Judith Ortiz Cofer I once read in a Ripley's Believe It or Not column that Pater-son, New Jersey, is the place where the Straight and Narrow (streets) intersect. The Puerto Rican tenement known as El Building was one block up from Straight. It was, in fact, the corner of Straight and Market; not "at" the corner, but the corner. At almost any hour of the day, El Building was like a monstrous jukebox, blasting out salsas from open windows as the residents, mostly new immigrants just up from the Island, tried to drown out whatever they were currently enduring with loud music. But the day President Kennedy was shot, there was a profound silence in El Building; even the abusive tongues of viragoes, the cursing of the unemployed, and the screeching of small children had been somehow muted. President Kennedy was a saint to these people. In fact, soon his photograph would be hung alongside the Sacred Heart and over the spiritist altars that many, women kept in their apartments. He would become part of the hierarchy of martyrs they prayed to for favors that only one who had died for a cause would understand. On the day that President Kennedy was shot, my ninth grade class had been out in the fenced, playground of Public School Number 13. We had been given "free" exercise time and had been ordered by our P.E. teacher, Mr. DePalma, to "keep...

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Naturally, the outstanding feature of this personal journalism was the editorial. Rescued from the slough of ponderousness into which it had fallen in its abject and uninspired party service, the editorial was revived, invigorated, and endowed with a vitality that made it the center about which all other features of the newspaper were grouped. It was individual; however large the staff of writers, the editorials were regarded as the utterance of the editor. "Greeley says" was the customary preface to quotations from the Tribune, and indeed many editorials were signed. , (1826–78), (1811–72), and (1820–69) who were the outstanding figures of the period. Of Bennett’s influence something has already been said; especially, he freed his paper from party control. His power was great, but it came from his genius in gathering and presenting news rather than from editorial discussion, for he had no great moral, social or political ideals, and his influence, always lawless and uncertain, can hardly be regarded as characteristic of the period. Of the others named, and many besides, it could be said with approximate truth that their ideal was "a full presentation and a liberal discussion of all questions of public concernment, from an entirely independent position, and a faithful and impartial exhibition of all movements of interest at home and abroad." As all three were not only upright and independent, but in various measure gifted with the quality of statesmanship at once philosophical and practical, their newspapers were powerful molders of opinion at a critical period in the history of the nation.