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Taking an intersectionalist like Acks as just one example, she once Tweeted what might be an innocent or even humorous remark if anyone but an intersectionalist did it, in reference to some Facebook post she didn't like: The fact is you will never see an intersectionalist write Oh god black people or Arabs just stop. That is absolutely tabu, presumably because intersectionalists think it would be racist. The fact that buckets of such remarks are made by this weird feminist cult about whites but not the other way around not only exposes the rancid hypocrisy of intersectionalism, its intellectual failure, but also that in principle intersectionalists are demonstrating in a back-handed fashion they believe what they routinely do is wrong. It is that transparency of intersectionalism's agenda that not only shows how rancid it is but childishly stupid.

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Parody paper on Macbeth - Essay Example

To begin with, there is no political development whatever. Theworld of the SKIPPER and the CHAMPION is still the pre-1914 worldof the MAGNET and the GEM. The Wild West story, for instance, withits cattle-rustlers, lynch-law and other paraphernalia belonging tothe eighties, is a curiously archaic thing. It is worth noticingthat in papers of this type it is always taken for granted thatadventures only happen at the ends of the earth, in tropicalforests, in Arctic wastes, in African deserts, on Western prairies,in Chinese opium dens–everywhere in fact, except the placeswhere things really DO happen. That is a belief dating from thirtyor forty years ago, when the new continents were in process ofbeing opened up. Nowadays, of course, if you really want adventure,the place to look for it is in Europe. But apart from thepicturesque side of the Great War, contemporary history iscarefully excluded. And except that Americans are now admiredinstead of being laughed at, foreigners are exactly the samefigures of fun that they always were. If a Chinese characterappears, he is still the sinister pigtailed opium-smuggler of SaxRohmer; no indication that things have been happening in Chinasince 1912–no indication that a war is going on there, forinstance. If a Spaniard appears, he is still a 'dago' or 'greaser'who rolls cigarettes and stabs people in the back; no indicationthat things have been happening in Spain. Hitler and the Nazis havenot yet appeared, or are barely making their appearance. There willbe plenty about them in a little while, but it will be from astrictly patriotic angle (Britain versus Germany), with the realmeaning of the struggle kept out of sight as much as possible. Asfor the Russian Revolution, it is extremely difficult to find anyreference to it in any of these papers. When Russia is mentioned atall it is usually in an information snippet (example: 'There are29,000 centenarians in the USSR.'), and any reference to theRevolution is indirect and twenty years out of date. In one storyin the ROVER, for instance, somebody has a tame bear, and as it isa Russian bear, it is nicknamed Trotsky–obviously an echo ofthe 1917-23 period and not of recent controversies. The clock hasstopped at 1910. Britannia rules the waves, and no one has heard ofslumps, booms, unemployment, dictatorships, purges or concentrationcamps.

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Obviously one can never be quite certain about this kind ofthing. All I can say from my own observation is this. Boys who arelikely to go to public schools themselves generally read the GEMand MAGNET, but they nearly always stop reading them when they areabout twelve; they may continue for another year from force ofhabit, but by that time they have ceased to take them seriously. Onthe other hand, the boys at very cheap private schools, the schoolsthat are designed for people who can't afford a public school butconsider the Council schools 'common', continue reading the GEM andMAGNET for several years longer. A few years ago I was a teacher attwo of these schools myself. I found that not only did virtuallyall the boys read the GEM and MAGNET, but that they were stilltaking them fairly seriously when they were fifteen or evensixteen. These boys were the sons of shopkeepers, office employeesand small business and professional men, and obviously it is thisclass that the GEM and MAGNET are aimed at. But they are certainlyread by working-class boys as well. They are generally on sale inthe poorest quarters of big towns, and I have known them to be readby boys whom one might expect to be completely immune frompublic-school 'glamour'. I have seen a young coal miner, forinstance, a lad who had already worked a year or two underground,eagerly reading the GEM. Recently I offered a batch of Englishpapers to some British legionaries of the French Foreign Legion inNorth Africa; they picked out the GEM and MAGNET first. Both papersare much read by girls, and the Pen Pals department of the GEMshows that it is read in every corner of the British Empire, byAustralians, Canadians, Palestine Jews, Malays, Arabs, StraitsChinese, etc., etc. The editors evidently expect their readers tobe aged round about fourteen, and the advertisements (milkchocolate, postage stamps, water pistols, blushing cured, homeconjuring tricks, itching powder, the Phine Phun Ring which runs aneedle into your friend's hand, etc., etc.) indicate roughly thesame age; there are also the Admiralty advertisements, however,which call for youths between seventeen and twenty-two. And thereis no question that these papers are also read by adults. It isquite common for people to write to the editor and say that theyhave read every number of the GEM or MAGNET for the past thirtyyears. Here, for instance, is a letter from a lady inSalisbury:

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This essay will compare & contrast the protagonist/antagonist's relationship with each other and the other jurors in the play and in the movie versions of Reginald Rose's 12 Angry Men. There aren't any changes made to the key part of the story but yet the minor changes made in making

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The musicological definition of the term has now generally been supplanted by a more general meaning of the word. In its more contemporary usage, usually has humorous, even satirical intent, in which familiar musical ideas or lyrics are lifted into a different, often incongruous, context. Musical parodies may imitate or refer to the peculiar style of a composer or artist, or even a general style of music. For example, , a song and dance number performed by in the movie , parodies the genre. Conversely, while the best-known work of is based on particular popular songs, it also often utilises wildly incongruous elements of for comedic effect.

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Every nationalist is haunted by the belief that the past can bealtered. He spends part of his time in a fantasy world in whichthings happen as they should–in which, for example, theSpanish Armada was a success or the Russian Revolution was crushedin 1918–and he will transfer fragments of this world to thehistory books whenever possible. Much of the propagandist writingof our time amounts to plain forgery. Material facts aresuppressed, dates altered, quotations removed from their contextand doctored so as to change their meaning. Events which it is feltought not to have happened are left unmentioned and ultimatelydenied [Note, below]. In 1927 Chiang Kai Shek boiled hundreds ofCommunists alive, and yet within ten years he had become one of theheroes of the Left. The re-alignment of world politics had broughthim into the anti-Fascist camp, and so it was felt that the boilingof the Communists 'didn't count', or perhaps had not happened. Theprimary aim of propaganda is, of course, to influence contemporaryopinion, but those who rewrite history do probably believe withpart of their minds that they are actually thrusting facts into thepast. When one considers the elaborate forgeries that have beencommitted in order to show that Trotsky did not play a valuablepart in the Russian civil war, it is difficult to feel that thepeople responsible are merely lying. More probably they feel thattheir own version was what happened in the sight of God, and thatone is justified in rearranging the records accordingly.