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electronic movie cameras were invented in 1920s. A digital camera is a camera which takes a

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Man with a movie camera analysis essay

technology, camera, photography, equipment, gadget, video, digital camera, electronics, digital, photograph, cinema, movie, photographic, cinematography, cameras optics

photograph or even a video. It also works as a movie camera. In digital cameras we use memory
In any event, what are the strongest impressions that The Man with a Movie Camera makes on a contemporary viewer?

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The two men show the audience something they have yet to see in this movie. This is an actual friendship between a black man and a white man. The camera goes back and forth between the men’s faces showing no hatred or any violence toward one another. As they start to talk more and get to know one another over a game of chess, Bart discovers that he is the “Maco Kid,” the man with the fastest hands in the world. Jim soon becomes Bart’s right hand man. Overcoming racial boundaries is a recurring theme of social commentary in many movies that focus on racism.

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Upon creating the terms of the final confrontation in the film, the camera returns to the crowd in advance of the characters. In a modernist consideration, the viewer is positioned with the crowd and the characters are brought into view by a platform beneath the Colosseum. The platform's movement exhibits a function typically reserved for the camera in order for the camera to remain immersed in the decadence and grandeur of the historical setting. The camera pans the crowd in the final preparatory shot, and meets the rising platform at the center of the Colosseum to allign the setting for the remainder of the film.