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A great list of horror movies, though it doesn't stray too far from the mainstream. That said, Jaws and The Shining are among my favorite movies of all time.

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A visible effect of horror movies on both children and adults is anxiety. It is characterized as a long-term effect on children, which may even linger into their adulthood. Sleeplessness

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It is a proven fact that people love to be scared by horror movies. Some of the most horrified faces are portrayed in the best horror films of Hollywood, which are much liked by people. They simply love to watch the repulsive aliens and the blood dripping down the horrifying face. Watching such scary flicks, just for entertainment, is quiet acceptable, provided you do not empathize the suations depicted in what you have watched. This is a sign of caution, as you will never know when you start developing fear for almost everything around you. There are plenty of cases in which the violent scenes in horror movies had an impact on the physical and psychological stability of people. It generates fear, anxiety, sleeplessness, phobia and mental trauma while frequent viewing also helps people to desensitize with anxiety and fear. Check out the effects of watching horror movies in the following lines that are mentioned below. Anxiety

Awesome list most of these are in The Best Horror Movie List and they only list the top rated horror movies of all time. So you are right on!
Awesome list most of these are in The Best Horror Movie List and they only list the top rated horror movies of all time. So you are right on!

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completed ripping the remaining skin off my face. I couldn’t take any more of the unbearable, never-ending pain. A sudden surge pierced through my body and I had enough strength to push him off. Suddenly, I found myself kicking and punching the air around me. My eyes sprung open, and I found myself in the comfort of my room. My rapid heart rate subsided as I realized that I was no longer in danger. I clambered off of my bed, shut the movie off, and wiped the sweat off of my brow. I lay in my bed concluding that I was never going to fall asleep during a horror film again.

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Robert Rodriguez and Quentin Tarantino’s exploitation team-up was either ahead of or behind its time. Distributed in the era of horror remakes, and divided into two films by theater chains, Grindhouse never stood much of a chance. Those lucky enough to catch the double feature of Planet Terror and Death Proof in its original format, complete with fake trailers, caught a movie experience unlike anything since. The flourishes, hang-ups, and flaws of both filmmakers are unabashedly on display, making Grindhouse a wonderfully self-indulgent film that’s more for the most invested of Tarantino and Rodriguez’s fans than general audiences. Neither Planet Terror not Death Proof are the directors’ best work, but the Texas-fried zombie feature, and the slasher/revenge car flick, both display electric enthusiasm that giddily embraces the over-the-top elements of a bygone era.