Lindsay, J. (1974) Helen of Troy: Woman and Goddess . London.

Helen Of Troy Essay Sample. Bla The Greek warriors assembled 1, 000 ships and sailed off to Troy. For nine years, the battle was indecisive but in the tenth year.

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"The broken wall, the burning roof and tower / and Agamemnon dead." Leda's body is broken through penetration, and Troy's wall also becomes broken. Zeus' desire burns, like the roofs and towers of Troy will burn. And men will die, including the great general Agamemnon. Time rushes forward in an instant.

Leda's pregnancy resulted in Helen, for whom the Trojan ar was waged. Yet the future war is also a kind of synecdoche for the violence done to Leda. The violence of war and the violence of sexuality are intertwined, and become metaphors for one another. The reader is suddenly aware that he or she has been reading an extended metaphor, both for how one sexual act can lead to violence, and also how violence is at the heart of all sexual activity. The poem reaches its climax with the sexual act, which foreshadows the horror to come.

Then, the……

I like the story Helen of Troy because I can learn history.

Ironically, Apollo who preferred Troy to Greece in the Trojan ar could have saved his city. Apollo's anger resulted in his beloved city of Troy's destruction. hen Cassandra warned that the Trojan horse would bring about the destruction of Troy, no one believed her, even her own father and mother.

hat is truly tragic about Cassandra, however, is not simply that the Trojan ar results in her eventual demise -- she is taken by Agamemnon at the war's end and killed by his angry and avenging wife Clymmenstra -- but of all the character of the Trojan saga, she alone does not chose her fate. Paris chooses to abscond with Helen, and thus brings about the war. Achilles on the Greek side chooses a short life filled with glory, rather than a long and uneventful life, and thus chooses to fight in the war. But Cassandra did not even chose……

Helen of Troy has a different key and the key is in the names of the players in the story.

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The criticism is useful. We know that for some people the story of the Battle for Troy is a little bit too long. We’ll take this into account in future stories. We also can see that other stories in the series, such as Helen, Circe, and the Cyclops are hits. All this helps us. So thanks to people for your comments. Keep them coming.

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i love this story but like Star i need some more info for a project what sight do you think i should go on to get info on Helen of troy? i love this story i am learning about theese people and the way you write it is much more ecxiting then it is at SCHOOL! (jk)
helen of troy is not that good but i likle all the names in it like troy

I’m writing a paper about Helen of Troy and this really helped.

() The armies approach each other, but before they meet, offers to end the war by fighting a duel with , urged by his brother and head of the Trojan army, . While tells Priam about the Greek commanders from the walls of Troy, both sides swear a truce and promise to abide by the outcome of the duel. Paris is beaten, but rescues him and leads him to bed with Helen before Menelaus can kill him.

this is very interesting how really Helen of Troy came first before The Wooded horse.

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Does anyone else wonder what a modern Helen of Troy story would be like?Great story, by the way.

In both poems Helen of troy is the subject

There is a program on tv, that says all about helen of troy, and your story & theres dont link AT ALL so i think you are at the WRONG. Unless you change it, i will never come on again, and i will tell loads of da peeps of briten that all your storys you make up!