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Watching "Glory," I had one reccuring problem. I didn't understand why it had to be told so often from the point of view of the 54th's white commanding officer. Why did we see the black troops through his eyes - instead of seeing him through theirs? To put it another way, why does the top billing in this movie go to a white actor? I ask, not to be perverse, but because I consider this primarily a story about a black experience and do not know why it has to be seen largely through white eyes. Perhaps one answer is that the significance of the 54th was the way in which it changed white perceptions of black soldiers (changed them slowly enough, to be sure, that the Vietnam War was the first in American history in which troops were not largely segregated). "Glory" is a strong and valuable film no matter whose eyes it is seen through. But there is still, I suspect, another and quite different film to be made from this same material.

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Glory movie essay Osmar 02/02/2016 1:15:53 Remember the glory the epic film glory. Weather essays and actor lonnie rashid lynn jr. For the passion of glory trip apple. Glory is one movie which certainly lives up to its name. Set during th. Because this movie attempts to recount an actual event in our history. Review/Film; Black Combat Bravery in the Civil War. By VINCENT CANBY ''Glory'' is the first serious American movie about the Civil War to be made in years. Glory : Movie Review. Word Count: 778; Approx Pages: 3; Save Essay ; View my Saved Essays. The stories of their successes and sufferings is well shown in the movie.

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"Glory Road" tells the true story of Don Haskins, the basketball coach for Western Texas College, who in the mid 1960's, broke the color barrier in the NCAA by being the first to feature a majority of black players on his team. The movie chronicles the obstacles he and his players faced, as well as their ultimate triumph when the team won the national championship in 1966.

"Glory Road" worships at the altar of just about every underdog-sports-movie cliché one can imagine, yet the viewer can't help getting caught up in its story anyway. The scenes in the first half of the movie definitely have a familiar ring to them, as we see the coach first alienating his players with his hardnosed tactics, then winning them over by building comradeship and showing them how much they can accomplish when they work together as a team rather than as individuals. However, as with "Remember the Titans," "Glory Road" is more interested in examining the social background of its time period than in merely telling yet another sports-oriented David and Goliath tale. The second half of the film concentrates more on the overt racism the team members face and the surprising courage they and their coach demonstrate in confronting it (could this really be set a mere 40 years ago?). The young actors are uniformly excellent, but it is Josh Lucas as Coach Haskins who delivers the powerhouse performance here. And director James Gartner manages to keep the film moving at a fast clip, never allowing it to get bogged down in message-mongering or overt preachiness.

Almost in spite of itself, "Glory Road" turns into a genuinely inspiring story about courage and determination in the face of societal pressure and incalculable odds. And that's pretty much what sports stories, familiar though they might be, are really all about.

Simply put, the glory movie summary essay heroes involved have been ignored by history Persuasive essay jane schaffer due to racism

There is a bit of contradiction and hypocrisy portrayed in the movie.

Although the white commanding officer Colonel Shaw was biased at the beginning and did not treat them like humans but with the passage of time his views changed and he realized that they were in no way different. He wanted to help them as he started supporting their cause. He therefore inspired them to fight a battle which would bring them admiration and glory. The movie is not only of the blacks having their regiment, but brought about a change in the minds of the public towards the black.

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