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Russell Crowe described the script situation: "I read the script and it was substantially underdone. Even the character didn't exist on the pages. And that set about a long process, that's probably the first time that I've been in a situation where the script wasn't a complete done deal. We actually started shooting with about 32 pages and went through them in the first couple of weeks."

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Gladiator is a 2000 American epic historical drama film directed by ..

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...The Movie: Gladiator The movie Gladiator takes place in Rome, the year of 180AD. The main character is Maximus Meridius who is the general of the Roman Army, leading his fellow soldiers to victory against the Barbarian Army. Maximus has a very respectable reputation within this country and is highly favored by Roman Emperor Marcus. Furthermore, the Roman Emperor is dying and his final wish is for Maximus to become the new Roman Emperor and desires to name him as his heir even though he has a daughter, Lucilla and son, Commodus. However, the moral and honorable Maximus is horrified at the idea of becoming Rome’s emperor and his only request is to return home to his wife and son. Upon hearing the Emperor and Maximus’ discussion, Commodus kills his father in a jealous rage. After discovering that the beloved Roman Emperor had been murdered by his son, Maximus rebels against Commodus and when he is arrested by Roman soldiers he is informed that his family will be murdered also. Maximus escapes the soldiers and in desperation of saving his family he flees to his home in Spain. Unfortunately he is too late and his wife and son are already dead. Once seeing his family brutally murdered, Maximus collapses and then awakens at the hands of slave trader, Proximo in North Africa. As a part of Proximo’s slaves they are all trained to fight and participate in lethal battles. Once these slaves receive training and are superior fighters they are now seen as “gladiators...

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...Cameron Barela December 8, 2013 World Civ I Professor Walker Gladiator The largest functional difference between the late republic and the early imperial government was essentially that the republic was unable to control the vast empire while the imperial system could. The key problem raised by the Roman republic’s size was it was not able to control the military, a problem that led to several rounds of civil war and political murder. By contrast the centralized autocratic powers vested in an emperor combined with a small personal army were usually enough to control the military. While it might be expected that a republic would have a fairer and more peaceful foreign policy it is important to remember that both governments engaged in brutal wars of conquest. Indeed much of the key expansion of the Roman Empire occurred while it was still a Republic. Rome was an empire long before it was imperial. While it is true that the “common man” had more political power under the Republic the reality was that in both systems it was really only a select few who had the true political power. The real irony may arise from the fact that the imperial system had times when it acted far more in the favor of the “common man” than the Republic ever did. The history behind Rome that we studied in class was similar to what the movie showed and how the republic and imperial government were in control at the time. The movie was a little exaggerated but did a good job of keeping it together......

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The biography and Gregory Hays's translation of 's received large spikes in sales after the release of the film. The film also began a revival of the historical epic genre with films such as , , , , , and (the last two were also directed by Scott). The character of Maximus was placed 12th in the list of 50 best movie heroes and villains and 35th in the 's 100 Greatest Movie Characters. Maximus is also featured on 55 "Australian Legends" postage stamp series. Russell Crowe attended a ceremony to mark the creation of the stamps.

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The screenplay faced many rewrites and revisions. Crowe allegedly questioned every aspect of the evolving script and strode off the set when he did not get answers. According to a DreamWorks executive, "(Russell Crowe) tried to rewrite the entire script on the spot. You know the big line in the trailer, 'In this life or the next, I will have my vengeance'? At first he absolutely refused to say it."

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is a 2000 directed by and written by , , and . It stars , , , , (in his final role), , , , and . Crowe portrays general Maximus Decimus Meridius, who is betrayed when , the ambitious son of Emperor , murders his father and seizes the throne. Reduced to slavery, Maximus rises through the ranks of the gladiatorial arena to avenge the murders of his family and his emperor.