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Technically superb, proudly sentimental, and unabashedly old-fashioned, War Horse is an emotional drama that tugs the heartstrings with Spielberg's customary flair.

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Topic: What is the importance of the recruitment scene in the movie War Horse?

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I love this book. Morpurgo has a very good way of describing how things may have felt. It feels as if you were in the war as the horse. I liked the love in the book. There was always someone loving someone or caring for someone. If the whole world were like some of the characters in this book it would be a perfect world. I would recommend it to people that have a love for animals or young readers who have dreamed of there own horse, people are already into horses may enjoy this book also. Because for almost all riding types Joey is a perfect horse. I suggest that every one reads this book because it is wonderful and will intrigue all minds. I really like this book it makes me think about how the war was, and how difficult it must have been to live during this time.

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When taking a History class you may be required to write an essay on war. Any war can be portrayed in different ways: as senseless or heroic, in terms of world politics or in how it affected ordinary people. You may want to discuss weapons, war tactics, propaganda, diplomacy, causes and effects of war, wins or losses.

Amid the incomprehensible slaughter, it's a horse that reminds these warriors of their humanity.

War Horse Play review 2013 The exceptional play, War Horse directed by Drew Barr is an unparalleled production based from the popular novel War Horse written by Michael Morpurgo’s

Crafty devised a plan that ultimately doomed the Trojans. Sending all the Greek ships away or into hiding, it appeared to the Trojans that the Greeks had given up. The Greeks left a parting gift in front of the walls of the city of Troy. it was a giant wooden horse which appeared to be an offering to -- a peace offering. The jubilant Trojans dragged the monstrous, wheeled, wooden horse into their city to celebrate the end of the 10 years of fighting.That night, while the Trojans were more than a little comatose from too much drinking, the Greeks slipped quietly out the trap door Odysseus had had built in the Trojan horse's belly. Killing Trojans and setting fire to the city, they quickly won the war.

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Moreover, what is it exactly about this story that makes it, as some reviewers have suggested, a “universal” meditation on war and suffering? If this were truly a “timeless” story told through the eyes of a horse, why have it occur during World War I? Why not the Peloponnesian war, or the War of 1812? There has to be a definite reason why an artist would choose the first imperialist World War as the subject.
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Almost 3000 years ago, the Trojans and fought a long and terrible war. Why? Because the Trojans had captured a beautiful Greek princess Helen. But this is a story about a horse and not the princess 🙂 The Greeks fought a battle with Troy but could not get in the tall strong walls around the city. They tried everything but it began to look that Greeks would not win the battle.

So even if you're sick of war stories, seeing things through a horse's eyes will give you a brand new perspective on the war—and on the world.

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One critic called War Horse “shallow and manipulative,” which might sound harsh, but in light of the film’s weak story is somewhat justified. Spielberg no doubt wanted to create something of an “antiwar” movie. But this would include not just depicting gut-wrenching scenes of combat, but showing class differences between the officers and the enlisted men, and within other areas of society at the time, as part of the overall imperialist nature of the war.

War Horse is about war, and it is about the ways that animals can teach us to be more human. It's too long, but it is inspiring.

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It's interesting how, when Rostov chases the French officer on horseback, he thinks about the wolf hunt he was recently on. When I read the scene of the hunt, where the hunters capture the old She-Wolf and her cubs, I couldn't help feeling sorry for those animals, for that animal family hunted for pure sport. I wondered how that scene would come back into the narrative because of the obvious symbolic weight of it, and here it is, in the scene of war. The characters hadn't empathized with the She-Wolf in the same way that Rostov does with the French officer, but I wonder if we're meant to anyway, or at least be made somewhat uncomfortable (as I was) by such sport-killing, perhaps seeing it as a prelude to another kind of sport-killing altogether: namely war.