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In the film, The Breakfast Club (1985), John Bender, the slovenly rebel at Shermer High School in Chicago, is serving a Saturday detention with four very different students. Right from the beginning, Bender exhibits the qualities of a destructive and thoughtless criminal, i.e., he taunts everyone else in order to hide his personal inadequacies. Whenever Bender is questioned by his peers about a personal issue, or whenever he cannot provide a clear answer to a question, he—albeit defensively— responds in a facetious and irritated manner. Bender demonstrated this when Andrew Clark, the "sporto", told him that he did not count, and that "if [he] disappeared forever it wouldn't make any difference." Distraught from Andrew's blunt comment, Bender sarcastically retorted, "Well, I'll just run right out and join the wrestling team..." As time goes on, Bender slowly sheds his rough attitude and starts opening up his true self to the other students.

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I should point out here that thestudents in my upper-level seminars are well-versed in media criticism and evencritical race and gender theory. They do not blindly accept ideologicalmessages. For example, a white male student explained in a blog post “becauseevery character in “The Breakfast Club” is white, Hughes is able to create aportrayal of suburban Chicago free from all racial prejudice anddiscrimination, one of the main reasons for economic disparity in America bothin the 1980s and today. Without this racial element, Hughes can quite safelyget away with bridging the gap between the upper and lower classes in the film(portrayed by Claire and Bender, respectively) within 2 hours by presentingtheir class differences as completely superficial and easily overcome.”

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Breakfast Club film contained a wide variety of behavior and stereotypes. Each person had their on personality and taste at the beginning of the film. I believe that communication played the biggest part in the movie. It shows the way that people from totally different backgrounds can communicate and even agree on issues. The of communication and behaviors within the film will be discussed.

Neima Prabhakar English 8 CP Period 2 5/19/05 A Misleading Exterior In the film, The Breakfast Club (1985), John Bender, the slovenly rebel at Shermer High
An Analysis of the Skills of Communication in the Movie The Breakfast Club. 1,386 words. 3 pages. The Summary and an Analysis of the Movie the Breakfast Club. 946 words.

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A film teacher looks back on "The Breakfast Club," partly through the eyes of her students.

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