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anything, you’ve been aware of them since the time they got in line. 4 They make faces, roll their eyes, and look at their watches every ten seconds. What do

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Movies are sometimes the only avenue where people who were not present during the war get to see what transpired. As Schechter and Jonna (19) assert, “The American moviegoer is not known for a willingness to spend five bucks…for the pleasure of experiencing two hours of living hell” producers usually capitalize on profits when making a movie and they will avoid showing unfavorable scenes. This does not present the situation as it was during the war and it is therefore not a credible way of learning. Unfortunately, this has shaped how Americans saw the war in Vietnam.

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Leander Schaerlaeckens is a sports journalist and one of the best-known soccer writers in the United States. He worked for ESPN and FOX Sports before going freelance and contributing regularly for Yahoo Sports and VICE Sports. He has also published in the New York Times, ESPN: The Magazine, the Guardian, Men's Journal and elsewhere. One of his stories, on the coming out of a gay professional soccer player, was noted in the Best American Sports Writing anthology. Schaerlaeckens has covered two World Cups and dozens of professional games in soccer, baseball and other sports. He lives in the Hudson Valley with his wife, son and dog, but grew up in the Netherlands and Belgium. His first book, written in Dutch, was shortlisted for the national sports book of the year in the Netherlands.

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To prevent Sgt. Elias from reporting war crime charges against him, Sgt. Barnes shoots and murders Elias when the two are alone in the jungle. He has become so dehumanized and corrupted by the experiences of the war, he is willing to shoot his own men to prevent them from challenging his way of war. Barnes has become a ruthless, cold-blooded killer.

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While Chris is on point, he unwittingly approaches a camouflaged Viet Cong bunker and Sgt. Barnes instinctively warns him of the pressing danger. Chris seems awestruck that his worse fear could have been realized—he could have been easily killed if there had been enemy troops in the bunker.

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The Germans scored a direct hit on an , setting it alight, forcing the crew to abandon it. Murphy ordered his men to retreat to positions in the woods, remaining alone at his post, shooting his and directing artillery fire via his field radio while the Germans aimed fire directly at his position. Murphy mounted the abandoned, burning tank destroyer and began firing its at the advancing Germans, killing a squad crawling through a ditch towards him. For an hour, Murphy stood on the flaming tank destroyer returning German fire from foot soldiers and advancing tanks, killing or wounding 50 Germans. He sustained a leg wound during his stand, and stopped only after he ran out of ammunition. Murphy rejoined his men, disregarding his own injury, and led them back to repel the Germans. He insisted on remaining with his men while his wounds were treated. For his actions that day, he was awarded the . The 3rd Infantry Division was awarded the Presidential Unit Citation for its actions at the Colmar Pocket, giving Murphy a Bronze Oak Leaf Cluster for the emblem.

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