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The movie “The Great Debaters”, directed by Denzel Washington, and screen writer Robert Eisele, is base on a true story. The movie shows the way how people use to discriminate on the colored people, back in the days. The most important job in America is the education of our young people. The people were separated; the low class people living in one area and the high class people live in a separate area were the class is higher. A professor of Wiley College named Mr. Melvin B. Tolson held the debating team. He was the coach of the debating team.

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...The Great Debaters The Great Debaters is a very nice movie, and also inspiring. The movie The Great Debaters, thought me a lot about debating, from The Great Debaters; I have learned that debating is not only about talking or throwing arguments. Debating is essentially about passing a message across, feeding your audience or opponents with valid argumentative statements. Strong researches for the selected topic are the main keys and also a primary requirement for a successful debate. With a well conducted research on your topic, you will be more familiar, thus comfortable arguing. Another critical element on debating is how to choose your topic, you have to be very careful with the choice of you topic because your audience or opponents needs to be involve as much as you are, involve means directly touch by the topic. For instance you cannot argue about how it is important to have a High Definition TV in front of a blind audience, eventually it will be a lost of efforts because your audience would careless due to their handicap. A High Definition TV by the way is a feature that comes with some of the flat screen TV and with that feature; it enables you to see every details on the screen. However, confident is another great skill for debating, you need to be confident, convince yourself that you are right about what you debating. Once you are convinced enough, it will be easier to convince your audience. With The Great Debaters, I had a better understanding of debating,......

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“The Great debaters” movie is so educational that watching it made me feel like I have been in a classroom session. Although I actually was! The movie inspired me to do my best to be a better speaker, to take time to research my topics and prepare myself before my presentation. The movie taught me the importance of words and that you can win over darkness or anything with the power of your words. I particularly liked the scene where James Famer, Sr. convinced Sheriff Dozier to release Tolson. He actually said those words: “an unjust law is no law at all.” This scene convinced me that I have to learn to make proper use of my words because certain battle can only be won by words.

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Directed by Denzel Washington, THE GREAT DEBATERS is a very emotional and powerful story of David versus Goliath. This fictional movie is based on a remarkable story of the tiny African American Wiley College in Texas that had a winning debate team in the highly racist, Jim Crow South of the 1930s. Denzel Washington stars as Prof. Melvin B. Tolson, the activist Communist coach of the debate team. Eventually, the team overcomes overwhelming odds to debate the top debate team in the country, Harvard. Making the jeopardy more intense, Tolson is arrested and cannot travel with the team from Texas to Harvard.
The filmmakers turn the original story of the Wiley College debate team into a powerful drama that elicits cheers and tears. The movie is not without its problems for Christians. The violence is intense, especially a lynching scene. There is also some heavy drinking and sexual immorality. On reflection, what really is most troublesome about the movie is that the ending takes biblical truths and turns them into a political diatribe. Whatever its message is, THE GREAT DEBATERS is one of the best-crafted movies of 2007.