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The overall purpose for Krakauer to write "Into the Wild" was to accurately and effectively tell the story of Chris McCandless, while also entertaining the reader enough that they continue reading.

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Which is not to say that there is anything easy or naïve in what Mr. Penn has done. “Into the Wild” is, on the contrary, alive to the mysteries and difficulties of experience in a way that very few recent American movies have been. There are some awkward moments and infelicitous touches — a few too many Eddie Vedder songs on the soundtrack, for example, when Woody Guthrie, Aaron Copland or dead silence might have been more welcome — but the film’s imperfection, like its grandeur, arises from a passionate, generous impulse that is as hard to resist as the call of the open road.

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He is loved, not least, by Mr. Penn, who has shown himself, in three previous films ( and ) to be a thoughtful and skilled director. He still is, but this story seems to have liberated him from the somber seriousness that has been his hallmark as a filmmaker until now. “Into the Wild” is a movie about the desire for freedom that feels, in itself, like the fulfillment of that desire.

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• Book: Into The Wild, Jon Krakauer, 1996 • Film: Into The Wild, adapted and directed by Sean Penn, 2007

Ryan BachmanJ. JacksonExploring the Humanities28 January 2015Wild Bored on a Thursday night I was in need of something to do, so I ended up in Rogers at 10pm in an empty theater waiting for the movie Wild to start. I did not know what the movie was about going into the theater, but from looking at the poster I expected to see a movie about a woman and the difficulties she has on an extreme hike through the mountains. Wild is a biographical, drama directed by Jean Marc Vallee that

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In the movie Into the Wild, Christopher was a very successful graduate from Emory University in Atlanta. After graduating there he talked with his parents about seeking a master’s degree from Harvard University, which is a testament to how smart he was and his aspirations to make something of himself in the future. However, during that same conversation, he tells his parents, who had just offered to buy him a brand new car, that his old one was just fine, and that he didn’t need a new car. This shows his distaste with looking like the average person in society and his affinity for being different. He tells them he wants to take 2 months off before starting his master’s degree to clean up some stuff but he probably meant that he was going to go away and take on a new name, “Alexander Supertramp” (Brown).
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Another interpretation of hamartia presents it less as a character flaw than a misunderstanding of one’s place in the world. In this light, hamartia seems to fit Chris McCandless quite well. The rich kid who leaves the material world, his family, and his identity behind to pursue enlightenment in the natural landscape seems the very definition of someone looking for his place. In some ways, Krakauer presents McCandless’s transformation into Alexander Supertramp in this light in Into the Wild: an ambitious young man who erroneously saw himself as an adventurer in the outdoors. Linking hamartia to the fate of a tragic hero is crucial to this interpretation. According to Into the Wild, Chris McCandless died because of his own misconception of himself.

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Life-and-death battles punctuate ’s narrative, serving as reminders of the dangers oflife in the Klondike, but more importantly as markers of Buck’sgradual integration into his new environment. When Buck first arrivesin the north, he watches a friendly dog named Curly brutally killedby a husky. Soon, he finds himself in a rivalry with Spitz thatends with the two of them locked in single combat, a battle fromwhich only Buck emerges alive. Having established himself as a dominantdog with this victory, Buck must continue to prove himself in battleswith other creatures—with a bear, with a moose, and, finally, withhumans. When Buck kills the Yeehat Indians who have killed JohnThornton, he is fighting for his life against mankind for the firsttime, a sure sign of his final assimilation into the wild.

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Whether he was a vagabond, genius, whack job, free spirit, rebel, or poet, Christopher McCandless (also known by the pseudonym Alexander Supertramp) was unique among men. At an age when most upper-class kids begin their arduous climb toward becoming the next big thing, Christopher McCandless went in the opposite direction—he became a nobody. His two-year descent into the furthest margins of society baffled and fascinated many, including author Jon Krakauer. Following an article he wrote for Outside magazine, Krakauer authored a painstaking reconstruction of McCandless’s odyssey, Into the Wild. In committing the story to paper, Krakauer attempts to answer one question: why did McCandless do it? It is an impossible question to answer no matter how earnestly Krakauer pursues it.