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Paul Haggis’ movie Crash is all about different kinds of social and multicultural differences we observe. We look through a three-category lens made up of race, class, and gender. All of which play roles in stereotypes and assumptions we make about others. The film deals especially with America as it continues to grow as a multicultural society and also explores how racial intolerance and prejudice are collective problems for all of the United States.

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Finally is the lower class for those at or near the bottom of the socioeconomic hierarchy, with low education, that are in a great risk of falling below the poverty line (Boundless). Since mid-20th century, television has tried to avoid TV programs and movies that show a different reality that the working and the middle class actually live (Alper, 2005). People rarely see a TV program or a movie that shows the real situation between the four classes previously mentioned, and when it happens, the viewer can understand the social, economic, political and cultural differences between them. For instance, the movie Crash is a film that presents the racial and social tension in Los Angeles, with different stories and characters that connect with each other and those connections bring out the bigotry, the racial and cultural stereotypes and prejudices between the four social classes (Haggis, 2004). Two of the characters are Rick Cabot, a white district attorney of the upper class and Anthony, an Afro-American of the lower class. Both are connected when Anthony assaults Rick and his wife and steals their car. The movie Crash shows some racial and social differences between these two characters.

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Crash is a complex movie with a and conveniently memorised statistics on race relations as though they're regurgitating extracts from the research essay they've.

The Movie Crash watch the movie named Crash The essay has to be written in based on reaction to analysis of the movie Crash.
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3 Nov 2012 Crash Essay The movie Crash conveys the message that conflicts between races is due to a lack of understanding and communication.

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Crash is a (genre) movie starring (actors' names) It was made in (year) and was directed by (director's name), who is also known for directing (other films directed by director) The film is set in (setting: place/time) and (brieft storyline) The film opens when (continue to give.

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These different scenes from the movie illustrate that Officer Ryan who is racially prejudiced is ironically both villain and hero. The last combination of prejudice and discrimination Healey mentions in his book is “All-Weather Liberal” “a person who is neither prejudiced nor discriminate” (Healey 96). The best example for all weather liberal in the movie Crash is Daniel the locksmith. In the whole movie I did not see Daniel being racially prejudiced against any character. He is very quiet and the peaceful person in the whole movie and due to nature of his work, he usually works late at night. However, to me it seemed like that he doesn’t really care about working late nights rather he wants to spend more time with his family.