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Be warned, the film is a chocolate-lovers delight, full of decadent cinematography featuring tempting truffles and piping hot cocoa. It also contains not-so-discreet glimpses of steamy, sexual encounters that give it its PG-13 rating. (Yes, this one pretty much hits all our appetites.)

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"Chocolat" evokes this Africa better than any other film I have ever seen

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The film could also be titled ''Invasion of the Mole People'' because it's that Latin chocolate sauce braced with a hint of chili pepper that Vianne (Juliette Binoche), an enterprising sensualist, brings to a small French town in the late 1950's. She and her daughter, Anouk (Victoire Thivisol), blow into town on a north wind with their exotic blends of sweets. Vianne sets up a chocolate shop with an assortment of goodies.

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The theory that explains assimilation well in the film chocolat is the functionalist theory. This is because there is a need for Vianne and other people in the town to have a functional relationship that can contribute to the harmonious conduct and stability of the society. In this connection, Vianne should assimilate to the ways of the people in the town such as dressing and going to church in order to promote harmony in the society. The functionalist theory is best in explaining assimilation because it shows the need for one group of people to follow the ways of others in order to create harmony into the society.

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Chocolat is a 2000 film about a woman and her daughter who open a chocolate ..

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2. The issue of assimilation is evident in the film chocolat. The town's people want Vianne to assimilate into their way of life. The collision between Vianne's point of view of life and that of the society shows the reaction of people to diversity, Alfred M and Judi D. (2000). There is a clash in cultural and religious views between Vianne and the society. The town's people expect Vianne to assimilate to their way of life. When she is welcome in the society, she is told to join into the catholic-worship but she clearly says that she doesn't go to church. Vianne holds to her ways and does various things in contradiction to the ways of life of the town. She does not assimilate to the ways of the town. For example, she does not go to church, she dresses in vivid red and helps people fix their problems. In this connection, Vianne is labeled as sinful and immoral woman because she is single and she has a child, Alfred M and Judi D. (2000.

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''Chocolat'' is rated PG-13 (Parents strongly cautioned). It has sexuality, strong language, violence and suggestive chocolate consumption.


Directed by Lasse Hallstrom; written by Robert Nelson Jacobs, based on the novel by Joanne Harris; director of photography, Roger Pratt; edited by Andrew Mondshein; music by Rachel Portman; production designer, David Gropman; produced by David Brown, Kit Golden and Leslie Holleran; released by Miramax Films. Running time: 121 minutes. This film is rated PG-13.

WITH: Juliette Binoche (Vianne), Johnny Depp (Roux), Judi Dench (Armande Voizin), Alfred Molina (Comte De Reynaud), Lena Olin (Josephine Muscat), Carrie-Anne Moss (Caroline Clairmont), Hugh O'Conor (Pere Henri), Peter Stormare (Serge Muscat), Leslie Caron (Mme. Audel), John Wood (Guillaume Blerot) and Victoire Thivisol (Anouk).

Tradition is strongly portrayed throughout my film, “Chocolat”. The theme of tradition is instantly explored in the opening scene through various technique

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