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6. Although "American History X" marked Kaye's feature film debut, he considered himself a veteran filmmaker already because of his work in commercials and videos. A decade earlier, he was already billing himself as "the greatest English director since Hitchcock."

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It's now a movie-history commonplace that the late-'60s-to-mid-'70s creative resurgence of American moviemaking—the Coppola-Altman-Penn-Nichols-Bogdanovich-Ashby decade—was cut short by two movies, Jaws in 1975 and Star Wars in 1977, that lit the fuse for the summer-blockbuster era. But good summer blockbusters never hurt anyone, and in the decade that followed, the notion of "summer movie season" entered the pop-culture lexicon, but the definition of "summer movie" was far more diverse than it is today. The label could encompass a science fiction film as hushed and somber as Alien, a two-and-a-half-hour horror movie like The Shining, a directorial vision as singular as Blade Runner, an adult film noir like Body Heat, a small-scale (yes, it was) movie like E.T. The Extra-Terrestrial, a frankly erotic romantic drama like An Officer and a Gentleman. Sex was okay—so was an R rating. Adults were treated as adults rather than as overgrown children hell-bent on enshrining their own arrested development.

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At the conclusion of the meeting Danny is called into the Principal's office. Then we discover that his brother Derek has been put in jail for the shootings we witnessed in the opening scenes. Principal (Pastor?) Sweeney appoints himself Danny's history teacher (moral vanguard?) and names this one-student class . Danny is assigned an essay which is due the next day, and the subject is his brother Derek. He is required to "analyze and interpret all of the events surrounding Derek's incarceration, how these events helped shape his present perspective on life in contemporary America, the impact on his own life," and so on. He must finish this essay by the next morning or be expelled from school. (Note: In the film, the Catherine Chapman character submitted an essay titled which was also considered too politically incorrect. Chapman received a failing grade and turned down an offer for a re-write.)

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In Daniel's voiceover the tragedy is underscored-as he posthumously reads the conclusion to his American History X paper:

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>All Western (and especially American) claims to moral superiority over Communism/Fascism/Islam are vitiated by the West’s history of racism and colonialism.
We are not going to convince some Non-Westerners that we are morally superior. See lesson 1.

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[1] Much of the material in this paper is a reworking and updating of the authoritative study, “A History of Western Haiku,” written by Elizabeth Searle Lamb, first published in four parts in in 1979–80, and subsequently appearing as introductory chapters to two sections in the omnibus collection, . Entire blocks of text are unchanged, and a large percentage of the first two sections is her work. Elizabeth reviewed an early version of this manuscript and made suggestions for its improvement. She declined to be named as a coauthor, but I am very much in her debt for allowing her materials to be altered and reused in this way. To this great lady of American haiku, who died in February 2005, this work is humbly dedicated.

American History X is a controversial movie with many eye-opening events

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