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This scene is just one of the many controversial aspects of the war that the movie shows. There is a scene in a bunker where some of the men are seen drinking and doing drugs, portraying another, “bad,” side of the war. Other scenes show the horrible treatment of the new guys or “FNGs,” as well as the deliberate killings of unpopular officers within the platoon.

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No war movie is truly an anti-war movie, but PLATOON comes close, and it's still as powerful as it was decades ago. Writer/director based his movie on his own experiences and attempted to make a more realistic Vietnam movie, simpler and more grounded than things like and The Deer Hunter (and more ambitious than the movies) -- and he succeeds, truly making this war look like hell.

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Platoon is not the definitive Vietnam statement that Stone may have intended, or that others are already claiming it to be. But it is a powerful document about that sad war, and a riveting piece of moviemaking.

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War movies exhibit the clichés of war mythscommon in American popular culture, such as the inevitable tragicdeath of any baby-faced virgin soldier. The presence of such storiesabout war is chilling because it reveals a tendency to romanticizereal wartime tragedies. Such clichés attach false meaning to deathsthat are often senseless and brutal, not beautiful and romanticlike the customary myths. In many cases, American soldiers die,and terror makes other American soldiers careless. When Richie patrolswith another company, for instance, one American platoon mistakesanother American platoon for the enemy and kills more than a dozenfriendly soldiers before realizing the mistake.

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Oliver Stone, a Vietnam War veteran, whose work is known to contain violence, directed ‘Platoon’. However, in this movie, he weaves a deeper story beneath the violence. He uses his experiences to give the movie authenticity. In the movie, a young man called Chris Taylor (Charlie Sheen) leaves college to enlist for the war out of idealism. He is proud about serving his country and believes the war is for a good course. When he first arrives at the airport in Saigon, he gets a dose of reality of the war when he sees a cart full of body bags of dead soldiers. From there, things only get worse. The soldiers in Taylor’s platoon deal with the stress of war by indulging in alcohol and dope. There are soldiers loyal to Sgt. Barnes who will do anything to survive. They use a lot of violence to achieve their ends. A second group of soldiers is loyal to Sgt. Elias. They try to survive with some semblance of humanity. There is some sort of civil war within the same platoon. Taylor is new in the platoon, and both sergeants are always trying to win him over. He has a lot to absorb and provides a middle ground between the two factions in the platoon.
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Between the two movies, ‘Platoon’ emerges better in its portrayal of the pitfalls associated with war. Apart from the gunfights and explosions on the frontline, there are usually other ideologies fighting behind the scenes. It gives a vivid picture of what American soldiers go through whenever they are sent to war. It makes the public question the necessity of these wars and the price America has to pay for them. Is the administration being fair when they send young, poor Americans to the frontline to be killed and maimed in pursuit of imperialistic agendas? The story is told through the eyes of a soldier at the heart of it all, and the American public is given a perspective that will weigh heavily on their conscience every time the administration decides to send soldiers to far off places for war.

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There is a scene in the movie that seems inspired by My Lai, although it does not develop into a massacre. As we share the suspicion that these villagers may, in fact, be harboring enemy forces, we share the fear that turns to anger, and we understand the anger that turns to violence. Some of the men in "Platoon" have lost their bearings, are willing to kill almost anyone on the slightest pretext. Others still retain some measure of the morality of the situation. Since their own lives also may be at stake in their arguments, there is a great sense of danger when they disagree. We see Americans shooting other Americans, and we can understand why.

Top war movie is intensely violent, full of strong language. Read Common Sense Media's Platoon review, age rating, and parents guide.

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The movie ‘Platoon’ manages to portray an atmosphere of imminent danger as it follows the daily lives of the soldiers. The audience is made to feel what the soldiers are going through; the heat, rain, bugs, snakebites and so on. The soldiers are sleepless, and whenever they sleep, there is the danger of an ambush. After an ambush, the soldiers go through the traumatic routine of taking a roll call to determine who amongst them survived and how many died. The footage has some realistic scenes that enable the audience to experience the fear and confusion of soldiers in the war. The characters in the movie are symbolic in different ways. The most obvious is the intense rivalry between Elias and Barnes, who represent good and evil respectively. Of course, neither man is a complete saint or devil, but they represent two opposite poles around which the other soldiers coalesce.