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1. While the movie Patch Adams is about a doctor in a hospital setting, the analogy to teachers in schools is quite strong. Develop this analogy by addressing the following comparisons. Use specific references to the film and to yourself and be sure to present both sides of the comparison.

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Lastly, in the room I see pictures that seem similar to the ones he took in the other rooms. For example, Upper shows a waterfall. The waterfall is coming out of a mountain, and I could see the light shining on the water. The biome represented in this photograph is the desert. Another example is Trail This picture shows plants and grass found on a patch. The patch is really small in size, and you could see a glare shining on the plants and grass. The biome represented in this photograph is the temperate grassland. Lastly, Aspens shows aspen trees. They are very small in size have no bark The biome represented in this photograph is the temperate rainforest. These photographs represent the theme of this room because it shows how Ansel Adams revisits his direction as an artist.

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just to escape the injustice life has meted out to them. Hunter Patch Adams isnt one to escape this dilemma. Having been institutionalized for depression, he...

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An Analysis of Patch Adams, a Film Starring Robin Williams ..

During a brief stay in a mental hospital, Patch Adams (Robin Williams) learns that empathy and creativity are two of the keys to healing others. Another is being able to see the "whole world anew each day." Believing that he is called to bring this revolutionary message to the medical establishment, he enrolls at Virginia Medical University. Adams's approach of seeking "to treat the patient as well as the disease" is viewed as anathema by Dean Walcott (Bob Gunton), a tyrannical believer in scientific objectivity.

An Analysis of Patch Adams, a Film Starring Robin Williams

During a speech in 2010 at the , Patch Adams said, "The film promised to build our hospital. None of the profits from the film ever came to us, and so, basically 40 years into this work, we are still trying to build our hospital."
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unter Patch Adams comes to the darkest point of his life and discovers the hope of his calling “to help people.” After attempting suicide, Hunter Patch Adams commits himself to a mental hospital. It is here that Patch, as he prefers, learns how to look past the obvious. He discovers the best way to help a person who is sick is to first treat the patient as a human being, then address the illness.

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One evident situation that showed Patch Adams the realities of the profession was when he was dismissed from the Virginia Medical University. The situation happened twice, with the same people trying to bring him down. Instead of being toppled down by school officials, he gave his best in proving to people the great deal of help that would be given by his extraordinary philosophy.

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Dean Walcott, however, is not impressed; he is not even amused. He wants to have Adams expelled, even though this rebel with a cause turns out to be the best student in the class. Meanwhile, Patch convinces Carin (Monica Potter) and Truman (Daniel London) to join him in the establishment of a free clinic where they can practice the powerful medicine of alternative healing based on love. Even in the face of tragedy, Adams proves to be a resilient idealist. "You treat a disease," he argues, "you win or lose. You treat a person, and you always win."