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essay on the movie office space

In the movie "Office Space," the worker's general discontentment with their jobs is ..

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The bourgeoisie are described by Marx as increasing their power by “naked, shameless, brutal exploitation” of the working classes (Marx). This behavior describes the actions of the bosses at Initech, with the movie driven mainly by the exploitation of their workers. This is best seen by their laying off all the employees they can to maximize profits, and their manipulating Milton’s problems in articulating his grievances (Office Space). Marx also writes that the bourgeoisie are constantly “revolutionizing the instruments of product, and thereby the relations of production, and with them the whole relations of society,” in their pursuit of more capital (Marx). This is also displayed at the Initech company, with the employees being occupied with changing softw...

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Next the narrator of the Office Space trailer sarcastically introduces the movie by saying “From the producers of Bevis and Butt-Head comes a movie about people who go to work, who are part of a team, who respect their boss…” while a whistling song plays in the background. While the narrator introduces the movie, clips are shown of white-collar office workers standing around drearily listening to the manager and Peter ducking out of sight to avoid seeing his boss. Another scene is showed of a restaurant job with annoyingly over spirited coworkers and a weird and awkward boss.

12 Reasons Why "Office Space" Is The Most Accurate Movie Ever "I'd say in a given week I probably only do about 15 minutes of real, actual, work."

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In a book on architecture, Gregory Caicco writes that illustrates how our quest for space is motivated by two contradictory desires, a "desire for the sublime" characterized by a need to encounter something totally other than ourselves—"something numinous"—and the conflicting desire for a beauty that makes us feel no longer "lost in space," but at home. Similarly, an article in , titled "Sense of Wonder," describes how creates a "numinous sense of wonder" by portraying a universe that inspires a sense of awe, which at the same time we feel we can understand. Christopher Palmer wrote that there exists in the film a coexistence of "the sublime and the banal," as the film implies that to get into space, mankind had to suspend the "sense of wonder" that motivated him to explore space to begin with.

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