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Given the short comings of revolution, social movements provide a much better alternative. These movements work for an elongated period of time, and address the actual disease instead of looking at only the symptoms.
By engaging a large section of the society and building momentum gradually, these movements hope to mould the society and make its structure and value system more conducive to the functioning of democracy. By addressing the ills of the society and bringing them in the public discourse, they also provide an opportunity to the decision makers to address them in the current constitutional and legal framework.
Their evolutionary nature helps in reducing the gap between the govt and the governed. It articulates the needs and desires of the ordinary citizens, bridges the gap between them and the rulers, and create an atmosphere of reconciliation and dialogue.
At the same time, these movements also strike at the major ills of the society. They work to narrow the gaps that exist in the society, help the citizens by making them more aware of their rights, question the values of the society that are inimical to a particular section of the society and preach more tolerance and cohesion.
A great example of this is the Indian National Movement, that besides aiming at replacing the political power structure, also worked simultaneously to reshape the society. Gandhiji’s harijan campaign, Ambedkar’s mahar movement, the various Kisan Sabhas and labour movements were all aimed at correcting the flaws that existed at those times. It is probably for this reason that the Indian democracy after Independence has remained mostly stable and survived the several challenges that some of the other countries that became independent during that time have fallen to.

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Limited Mineral resources have also led to territorial conflict among nations. Colonisation was result of such greediness. World Wars have been fought over control of colonies and thus their resources. Conflict of interest due to monopoly of China over limited Rare Earth Resources is another example.

Thematic Essay on Of Mice and Men friendship, determination and Example of Literary Analysis for Theme 11 th grade dream a reality.
Another example of Manipur, how this hotbed of insurgency integrated itself into democratic process and became a peaceful (relatively) state.

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To illustrate the extent of the fundamental rights, here is an example of a protected action. A man performs oral sex on an ordinary seven year old boy about once a day. Sometimes, the boy performs oral sex on the man. Sometimes the man massages and penetrates the boy's anus with a lubricated finger. There is no unacceptable physical risk. The boy agrees to the sex because it feels good and recklessly disregards (or just does not understand) the usual warnings about possible psychological harm from adult-child sex. The parents of the boy object to the sex, but the boy chooses to do it anyway.

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After that, the last step left is polishing your essay. It is very important to keep your own writing style. A good film review should also include plenty of examples, to back up the author points.

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An important example of the existence of
science and religion in Indian context is the vast number of schools, colleges
and hospitals that are being run by religious foundations in the country like
The Divine Life Society, The Dayanand Anglo-Vedic Institutions, Satya Sai Trust
to name a few. These organisations preach on the importance of the religious
texts and their interpretations and how it can be implemented in our day to day
life. They believe in an omnipresent, omniscient and omnipotent God and yet they
have hospitals with well maintained operation theatres having latest surgical
instruments and fully equipped ambulances. They even provide free of cost
education in full furnished residential schools for orphans and poor students
to help them gain knowledge with the other privileged students. They also
conduct awareness camps, programmes to spread the ancient art and teachings of
Indian philosophy and culture to the youth.