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on October 1st, 1762. Soon afterwards, he amazed the Empress at Schonbrunn Castle and all her royal guests with fascinating keyboard tricks: playing with the keys covered with a cloth, with his hands behind his back, and so on. In 1769, Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart was appointed concertmaster to the Archbishop of Salzburg (his father's job), and later in the same year, he was made a chevalier of the Order of the Golden Spur by the Pope. He also completed his first German operetta, Bastien une Bastienne…

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The main character is Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart, played by Tom Hulce. In the movie Mozart is portrayed as a very immature, childish adult; yet unbelievably creative and talanted. Towards the end of the movie he becomes more psychotic that immature; constantly drinking and rambling about things that make no sense. He has pretty much lost all sense of sanity and his health by the time of his death.

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In ''Amadeus,'' which opens today at the Paramount and Tower East Theaters, we hear, almost as if for the first time, which is the way with great music, long, glorious passages from the operas, concertos, sonatas and masses, and, through the obsession of Salieri, we come to understand something of their particular divinity. ''If He did not want me to praise Him with music,'' the mad old Salieri says to an uncomprehending priest, ''why did He give me the desire?''

The title of the movie should actually be "Salieri", because the whole movie is really about his jealousy of Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart and how Salieri was overshadowed musically by Mozart

The movie ‘Amadeus’ The movie ‘Amadeus’ The report should be following: 1. What kinds of things does the movie say about Mozart’s ability as a composer (does he work hard? is he well-trained? does he "earn" his success?)

FROM the initial production of Peter Shaffer's ''Amadeus'' at the National Theater in London in 1979, through all of the refinements that preceded the play's New York premiere in 1980, and now, in the even more extensive rewriting and adjustments made by Mr. Shaffer for Milos Forman's handsome, music-filled screen version, one thing has remained constant and exhilarating.
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Yet, for all of the right decisions, and in spite of the abundance of music, conducted by Neville Marriner, something also has been lost. Mr. Shaffer is a playwright of grand theatricality, and even when translated to film with intelligence and love, his work misses the particular rigors imposed by the limitations of the stage. This ''Amadeus'' is fascinating and it may be even more humane than the play, and though the impact is not necessarily less, it is decidedly different.

Amadeus Amadeus is a movie based on the career and the death of Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart in Viennese during the 18th century. Throughout the film Antonio Salieri tells his story of his growing hatred for Mozart that eventually led to his "murder".

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After attending the concert, the piece of work I would like to talk in most detail about was "Overture to the Magic Flute" by Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart (1756-1791). Mozart was a child prodigy, was able to play the piano at 4 and composing his own music at 5. As Professor

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Watch the movie Amadeus. This movie is about the life of composer Mozart, and it won the Academy Award for Best Picture in 1984. This is an excellent movie, even for non-musicians, and much of it is very funny. Write a three-page (minimum) response to the following: Summarize the movie. In the movie, why was Salieri so jealous of Mozart? By using an internet search or books in the library, find out some information about the real life of Mozart. Compare your findings with the movie. What events/elements in the movie do you think were exaggerated by Hollywood, or are untrue? State your opinion of the movie. Why do you feel this way? What Awaits you: On-time delivery guarantee Masters and PhD-level writers Automatic plagiarism check 100% Privacy and Confidentiality High Quality custom-written papers