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Free sample essay on Today’s Movies. The movies of today are based on fights between two rival gangs who want to have an upper hand over another. There are no movies without fights and violent incidents. Violence is the theme of many films.

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In the bracing cinema of 1999 — perhaps the best year ever for intelligent American studio films — screens were filled with strangeness. Being John Malkovich got inside the head of one of acting’s giants. A plastic bag flitted in the wind with great artistry in American Beauty, and a self-involved middle-aged man showed tenderness to the half-naked teenager trying to seduce him. Three Kings stirred moral awakening into a mix of war and treasure-hunt motifs with subtle grace and great humor. The bravura Fight Club took incendiary if juvenile politics and a masterfully set-up twist and turned them into a nightmarish, funny screed against consumerism, cults, cleanliness, self-help movements, and terrorism.

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And amid all this self-conscious, detached hipness was Paul Thomas Anderson’s Magnolia, a movie that ultimately feels closer to the simple earnestness of Toy Story 2 and The Iron Giant than to any of those films, in spite of its conceits, its running time, its structure, and its subject matter.

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Magnolia is a terrible film. Incoherent is the word. There are some interesting parts of the film, and good performances, but those brief moments don’t add up to anything. As a whole, the film is an incoherent mess that means NOTHING.

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And onto all this richness Anderson throws a metatextual layer that Altman didn’t dare in his wide-ranging panorama. Magnolia is packed with commentary and references to filmmaking, storytelling, popular culture, and the movie itself. Anderson’s film, as it might have been pitched to Griffin Mill in another Altman picture, is like Short Cuts meets The Player ... with Tom Cruise ... with a heart.

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Twoof the key sequences in the film now follow; both are montages in whichsimultaneous events are intercut. That's a routine technique today, but Murnauis credited with helping to introduce the montage, and here we see Orlokadvancing on Hutter while, in Bremen, his wife, Ellen, sleepwalks and cries outa warning that causes the vampire to turn away. (He advances and retreatsthrough an archway shaped to frame his bat-like head.) Later, afterHutter realizes his danger, he escapes from the castle and races back to Bremenby coach, while Orlok travels by sea, and Murnau intercuts the coach withshipboard events and Ellen restlessly waiting.

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And you’re championing a crap film about god knows what about unrealistic contrived characters that exist only in the writers mind with an incoherent theme behind them. This is why film criticism has become irrelevant. Every filmmaker is a genius, every film is a masterpiece... you browse Rotten Tomatoes, and Magnolia is a universal masterpiece and the best film ever made. If you want to hail this shit as one of the best films ever made and a timeless masterpiece.. then welcome to irrelevancy.