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The movie Good Will Hunting was about Will Hunting is a troubled genius who works as a janitor at MIT and lives alone in a sparsely furnished apartment in an impoverished South Boston neighborhood. An abused foster child, he subconsciously blames himself for his unhappy upbringing and turns this self-loathing into a form of self-sabotage in both his professional and emotional lives. Hence he is unable to maintain either a steady job or a steady romantic relationship. According to John Holland in chapter fourteen Will Hunting has an Investigative Personality Type. A person with this personality type is usually is usually interested in ideas more than people, are rather indifferent to social relationships, troubled by emotional situations, and are often very intelligent. Through out the movie many physiologists try to get thru to Will, Five psychologists fail to connect with Will. Lambeaua a Fields Medalist and combinatorialist who is trying to help Will channel his negative energy into something great calls on psychologist Sean Maguire an old friend of his who grew up in the same neighborhood as Will. Sean is able to connect with Will and get past his hostile, sarcastic defense mechanisms. Will soon realizes that the world based on his cognitive past about the abuse and early childhood memories that becoming an adult is determined by cultural standards and experiences. Will's accidental witnessing of an argument between Sean and Professor Lambeaua argument on how his skills should be used this furious argument somehow acts as a catalyst for his decision to enter a deeper level of trust and sharing with Sean. He has apparently realized from this event that the situation is a little more complex than Will vs. The World. He sees that these mentors and big brother/father figures, rather than doctors secretly hatching conspiracies together to turn him into their little dancing puppet, are every bit as human and fallible and...

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Damon and Affleck won themselves a pair of Oscars for best screenplay and Robin Williams took home an Oscar himself for his portrayal as Will Hunting’s strong willed therapist for Good Will Hunting, they were all deserving of their accolades. Good Will Hunting may not have the edginess of some of director Gus Van Sant’s better works, and it lacks the hip factor of some of Van Sant’s film’s that preceded it. Occasionally it lapses into moments of saccharine clichés, but it is heartwarming nonetheless, and Robin Williams, Matt Damon, and Minnie Driver exhibit some of the best acting of their careers. This all adds up to a quietly motivational film that is both memorable, plausible, and timeless.

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Despite being labeled to the contrary on its packaging, this BD release of Good Will Hunting does in fact come in a 1080p — not 1080i — high definition transfer from Alliance. Its AVC/MPEG-4 1080p/24 encoding of its original 1.85:1 theatrical aspect ratio averages around 16Mbps on a BD25 disc. The actual encoding is not problematic in that it does not show any signs of compression artifacts such as macroblocking nor are there any post-processing issues such as edge enhancement or DNR (Digital Noise Reduction). The source itself is not particularly in good condition, however, and much more could have been done to clean it up. There are quite a few moments where there are obvious specks apparent on the source. Detail varies widely from sharp to soft and flesh tones are rather pale, though contrast is relatively good, showing no blooming and black levels are strong, but not as deep as they could be.

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These are just a few of the brain-tickling questions that Good Will Hunting asks.

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This independent film from 1997 will capture your soul, and possibly your tears. This film sees the best of Robin Williams, and the beginning of fame for Matt Damon and Ben Affleck. Matt Damon, playing Will Hunting, is a janitor at M.I.T. and has a really special gift for math. Unfortunately, he has lived a rough life and needs help from a psychologist named Sean Maguire (Robin Williams). Of all the films on this list, this one might have the very best dialogue and characterization. It has a wonderfully-weaved, beautifully-timed dramedy aspect, and throws in some great themes and ideas to think about and let resonate. Good Will Hunting won two Oscars, and was nominated for Best Picture in 1998. Directed by Gus Van Sant, this movie hits it out of the park. Please watch it!

Based in Boston, Good Will Hunting is the story of a twenty-year-old named Will Hunting.

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