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It would be illuminating--yet falls outside the scope of this essay--to compare at length the accomplishments of The Matrix with those of the original Star Wars from 1977 (now retitled Episode IV: A New Hope), the only other film (or series of films, actually) of this period faithfully to adapt so many of the tropes of printed science fiction. Star Wars and its sequels indeed elicited the reaction from knowledgable viewers of seeing for the first time on screen many of the quintessentially stefnal images, characters and action previously only generated on mental movie screens. But the overall effect was one of confirmation of the canonical--and, at that, the pulpish canon. Additional sophistication and extension of the borrowed material was almost nil. George Lucas was satisified with bringing to life the blended, older dreams of Isaac Asimov and Frank Herbert, among others, without truly expanding or rethinking them.

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The movie, The Matrix, which came to existence in 1999, was a truly revolutionary movie that would present a completely different world view compared to the other movies. In the following essay, I am going to speak about Matrix as if it was written by Feuerbach as a sequel to the Essence of Christianity.

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