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The New York Post begins a five-part series today commemorating the 1977 blackout with an on how the blackout pushed the city “from hardship to chaos” and a on how stranded revelers passed the time. Steve Dunleavy, a Post columnist, the police response to the blackout. A graphic in The Post the blackout’s toll.


Excerpted from an article that originally appeared in the East Texas Historical Journal:

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Tolson organized a debate team in 1924, shortly after arriving at Wiley College. The college published its first yearbook in 1925 and penned in the purple prose popular at the time a description of the team and its initial accomplishments.

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Violence is the aggressive behaviour showcased by an individual. The dictionary defines it as, "the intentional use of power or physical force, threatened or actual, against oneself, another person or against a group or community that either results in or has a high likelihood of resulting in injury, death, psychological harm, mal-development or deprivation." This is a comprehensive definition of violence and very well describes all the related aspects of violence.

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SERIES Saturday Night Live Kumail Nanjiani hosts the late-night comedy variety series with musical guest Pink. Kate McKinnon, Kenan Thompson and Cecily Strong are in the ensemble cast. 8:29 p.m. NBC Halt and Catch Fire This character-driven drama about the dawn of the internet wraps things up with...

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The character I identify with the most is Melvin Tolson, the teacher who assembled his debate team members tactfully and thoroughly. It is certainly not because the character is played by a tremendous actor, the two-time academy award winner, Denzel Washington; it is because Tolson, the character played by Washington, not only recruited these talented young speakers, but he found ways to inspire and energized them to greatness, even to what appears to be impossible to achieve.
In a 1939 departmental report, Tolson described the program’s achievements in its first decade:

Are we confused or convinced by our own media propaganda?

The Great Debaters The Credits: This motion film is called The Great Debaters. The movie which was released in 2007 is based on a true story but does

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Richard Corliss of heralded the film and its director, , by stating: "Indeed, McQueen's film is closer in its storytelling particulars to such 1970s exploitation-exposés of slavery as and . Except that McQueen is not a schlockmeister sensationalist but a remorseless artist." Corliss draws parallels with , saying, "McQueen shows that racism, aside from its barbarous inhumanity, is insanely inefficient. It can be argued that Nazi Germany lost the war both because it diverted so much manpower to the killing of Jews and because it did not exploit the brilliance of Jewish scientists in building smarter weapons. So the slave owners dilute the energy of their slaves by whipping them for sadistic sport and, as Epps does, waking them at night to dance for his wife's cruel pleasure." Gregory Ellwood of gave the film an "A-" rating, stating, " is a powerful drama driven by McQueen's bold direction and the finest performance of Chiwetel Ejiofor's career." He continued by praising the performances of Fassbender and Nyong'o, citing Nyong'o as "the film's breakthrough performance [that] may find Nyong'o making her way to the next ". He also admired the film's "gorgeous" cinematography and the musical score, as "one of 's more moving scores in some time". Paul MacInnes of scored the film five out of five stars, writing, "Stark, visceral and unrelenting, is not just a great film but a necessary one."

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This was my second time watching the movie called "The Great debaters," but it seemed like it was my first time since the emotional scenes and the profound aspect of the movie left me amazed and inspired once more. All the characters in the movie had their own moment to shine which makes the movie even greater and while watching, you always wonder what is coming next.